Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sunday Scribbling

#257 - Manifesto
I know it is a big one, but the prompt this week is: Manifesto. Looking forward into a new year, there is always talk of resolutions or themes or plans. I'd like to see if you can go a step further.For inspiration, have a look at
this or this.Happy Holidays to you and yours!

I saw this a couple of days ago and fell in love with it. I enjoy the visual aspect of it. I would love to put together a collage of how I hope to live out the coming year. As I jot down my inspirations I see in my minds eye how this would look on my Moleskine if I decide to tell the story with cut out pictures,memorabilia, stickers, and things that catch my fancy and I can fit it into my manifesto

I want to continue to feel the need to expand and grow intellectually and spiritually. I want to give more of myself. I want to travel more and do all the things I love and have neglected so much the past year - photography - reading - writing - gardening - just to name a few.

Since I carry the Moleskine and pull it out daily and lay it on my desk to write out my lists, keep track of Grace in Small Things and the canvas for the occasional burst of genius it is the perfect venue to carry my visual manifesto.

I feel like I have jump started this blog and my love of spewing the written word and wish to thank the #10 Reverb for the push in the correct direction.

Guess we all need a little shove every once in a while, don't we?

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