Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Sunday Scribblings

#248 - Progress
SO?! We are two days in to 2011 - any progress yet?

So this is how it's going to be? Accountability! In two days I have already misplaced the list I made, painstakingly mind you, over a three day period last week. I only thank God I took a picture of it for the previous SS prompt and with the aid of zoom I was able to recreate it, document and file it!

I glance over it to gage how I'm doing (day five) and see that I have made a little headway but if I truly want to live out my dreams and aspirations for 2011 I will have to make a PLAN.

And so it goes that the progress is a conscious effort to make it happen, not just jot down a list of maybes. Or want to's. Or I hope.

Years ago my department met off site and had two days of brain storming on what goals we wanted for the coming year and chiseled out a road map on how to get there. And if I remember correctly, it worked! Not only did it list ways to achieve the goals, but we had alternatives in case the aim was off the mark. It was my best year for BONUS time.

I have already begun to make the road map to success for all the things I wish to accomplish for 2011. It will include a time table, because not all can be done at once! But the plans can be laid out.

I call that Progress.


Greta said...

You're darned tootin' it's progress!

Rallentanda said...

The idea of organising a time table
makes me want to climb back into bed.I like the Jackson Pollock approach to life ( you know splattering paint ) . It's my idea of random progress:)