Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Why is so easy to just abandon and ignore a blog? The longer it stretches out the more difficult it is to jump back in. The longer you stay away the more resigned you become the more distant, withdrawn.

After all, it is summer! I tend to fill up my time with lots of projects, events, traveling, blah blah blah. I have totally immersed myself into a reading program. I have promised to read two books a month and that has manifested itself into a marathon of reading. Any given day will find my nose hidden in a book. I just completed "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" and enjoyed it very much. I am not much of an intellectual - actually I have no intellectual tendencies at all! - yet I found myself pondering the many philosophical questions and statements raised by the two protagonists in the story.

I have been cooking up a storm teaching myself to bake bread. I have been exceptionally successful and the result is in the cinnamon rolls. I am very appreciative to the rail road crew that Joe packs up my creations and offers to them. I would have gained 15 pounds by now if not for them.

We have been running and completed a 5 K Saturday night. I have a long way to go before I am back to my previous status and performance level - if ever! After all I am getting pretty up there in age. On another note regarding my age, I have always been frustrated by the disparate amount of woman in my age group! When I began this strenuous insane hobby I thought aging was the best way to leave the competition behind. Wrong! They are insufferable and just seem to be multiplying rather than just going away! The fastest woman in my age group ran it in 24 minutes! Geez! If I can run as fast as I did 12 years ago, I would have finished in 5th place. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

I am also falling in love with the local music around these here parts. The library has a fairly good selection and I check them out and burn a copy for myself. That is how I stumbled upon Mudboy and the Neutrons. Listening to a song called Money Talks, I though I heard a definite similarity to the early Rolling Stones. When I did a little research I found out that they are only a local band when not running a recording studio. Yes, Mudboy (lol) did produce one the 1970 RS albums! I am pondering the pros and con's of springing the $50 to purchase a non-resident Memphis Library Card. Their music library is featured nightly on the Library radio channel and is fantastic.

Well, that is enough of oiling the working parts of this humble little blog. Off to attempt home made ice cream! Chocolate Expresso!