Monday, April 06, 2015


I ran across the Wordpress challenge the other day about committing  to write for 20 days and the first dive into it is just free style and unleash the beast.

For 20 minutes.

Someone very close to me is going through a hard time and is totally into her sorrow and grief. I have offered some suggestions narrowing in on do what you love, rekindle your hobbies, find some new ones etc. etc. etc. The usual babble from someone who is outside the horror of a broken heart.

Yet, it made me wonder about my own hobbies and how it seems I have abandoned all of them except reading! And sometimes I feel like I am reading my life away. That the events of today are marching by as I immerse myself into escapism!

I suppose I abandoned this blog for various reasons. It was not so much fun anymore with the advent of Facebook and the easier access to an audience of friends. But it is not writing!

And maybe I just thought a blog is too self absorbed and narcissistic. But the truth being I felt I had just become boring and spent. I no longer have a job, my husband retired and subsequently so did I. No more Bucket stories nor Elvis World anecdotes.  No longer had much out side stimulation.

Yet, I have so much happening to me right now. I have abandoned the mid-west (almost) and the northern south for the boredom of endless sunshine in Florida not to mention the monotony of an endless vacation, for the winter.

I am officially a snow bird and trailer trash at the same time! And to make matters worse, since my husband was able to retire from the railroad at a (very) relatively early age, we are the youngest by at least 10 years of everyone in the Retirement park!! Yikes.

And my mother has passed away making me officially an orphan. At least that is how it feels most the time. It is amazing what happens when the glue that holds an extended family together is gone! I shudder to think that I will only see my cousins at funerals - which in time, probably shortly, will be our funerals.

I have a dog more or less. He is staying in the house while we are frolicking in Florida with my daughter while she house sits. After all it is her dog,   But I have many Jax stories!

I have realized that my feelings and emotions and my understanding of things have changed a lot since entering the hallowed halls of retirement - old school - the new "old fogies" -  the new assortment of scoffers who say "Back in the day...." or ... "when I was your age.....". Oh lord, its rich though. I wonder what will not only pop out of my newly unfiltered mouth, I like to borrow my Aunts saying "I just tell it like it is"....and see where it might take me if I stick with this 20 day rejuvenating my writing.

Just tap post.....  Oh hell, it won't post. WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Donna said...

It posted, and I am glad to be reading it. I don't update my blog as much as I used to, but I do still try to at least make one entry a week.