Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where the Southern Cross the Dog

Saturday August 27th


1) Day trip!! No where to go, nowhere to be. Unable to go to Hot Springs so just headed south and took off. Packed a bag just in case.

2) First stop was Tunica - but we just wandered around one of the casino's and shrugged and left.

3) Went across the Mississippi into Arkansas and found this little restaurant in West Helena called the West Helena Fish Market. A hole in the wall, funky with one big round table for eating in. The action was the take out. At three o'clock in the afternoon it was non-stop. The fish plate, for a cool $10, included five pieces of fish, slaw, hush puppies, french fries and a 20 ounce Mt. Dew (sorry Coke but you won't return my calls)

4) Then on Clarksdale and the Delta Blues Museum which was fantastic.

5) Then to Ground Zero Blues Club where we had a couple of beers and soaked in the atmosphere. This is the Crossroads, Baby!

Up with The Birds

Friday August 26th 12/365

Grace in Small Things 2011 version

1) Went to bed way too early last night and woke up at 3am and could not go back to sleep. I was up before the birds! But I ironed clothes, washed dishes, paid bills, made breakfast and lunch and an extra sandwich for the Bucket, and made certain I packed a bottle of 5 hour energy drink in my purse.

2) That baloney and cheese sandwich at lunch was sooooooooooo good! I make sure I pack the tomato separate so it does not make a soggy mess.

3) As I have mentioned it has been slow at G-land, so I got to read a little of this book while tending a gift store for an associate that called out - I learned some great facts about the reasoning behind G-land.

4) The weather seems to have been hipped that summer is nearing a close. A sweet breeze today.

5) At the Bucket I was on the front porch having a one woman event selling bubbles and checkers. I was shooting myself in the head with a bubble gun. I really need to buy a couple of those for the Grand kids.

August 25th

Grace in Small Things 11/365

1) Today is an old friends, (from the very distant past) ( a long long long time ago), birthday and I smile each time I remember. I am unable to contact this person as I have some idea where they are but sleeping dogs are best let to lie.

2) Went to work at G-land thinking I would have to work a register (pull a drawer) all day but that is not how it worked out. In many ways this made the day drag by, but at first it was a relief to not be chained to counter all day long.

3) One of, maybe my most favorite, "associate' did work the drawer in my store.

4) There are Popsicle's in the freezer for everyone everyday!! I got a blue one for the ride home and did not worry about my blue tongue.

5) Bag of scones at Kroger end of the day special about 10 of them for 99 cents!

Mama says eat Your Veggies

Wednesday August 24th 10/365

1) Because we are so slow now that Elvis week has concluded and everything has slowed down considerably I was sent home two hours early.

2) So I took a leisurely drive home and ended up at the Farmers Market. A misleading name for this International Super Grocery Store, but they certainly have the best selection of vegetables I have ever seen. An array of spectacular color and bin after bin of mind boggling cornucopia from around the world - or so it seems. I have never seen cactus laid out for inspection before. Have you? The question is...have I bought cacti? No. But I do purchase stuff I have never seen before but a little tamer. I love that place.

3) Made one of my all time favorite dishes with squash, onion, and corn scraped fresh off the cob, fresh basil and tomatoes. Instead of using butter to cook it all in, I used two slices of bacon. This stuff is plate licking good. I do not cook the tomatoes into a stew like existence as the recipe calls for, but just toss them in at the end to loosed them up. I like it like that.

4) Have I every mentioned before (lol) how much I use the public library? With my Mom being Super Librarian I was indoctrinated at birth. Every city I have lived in I have a library card. And some that I didn't! That is tricky but at times you can pull it off. I was able to check out several books regarding sightseeing in the area. The Internet is good for information but there is nothing as satisfying as holding a book. At least to me. It's one of life's greatest pleasures for me.

5) One of my all time favorite people needs help. I am able to help out a little. Instead of just doing it I discussed it over with my husband. I am starting to get this marriage thing.

Monday, August 29, 2011

August 23rd

Tuesday 9/365

1) Addicted to the FaceBook Page "Louisville Old Hippies from the 60's & 70's". Love the pictures and the stories and the memories. One "memory" was what song do you most associate with that time and I immediately thought "White Bird" and sure enough so did someone else and the video was posted. I loved that song.

2) Boo to my hometown page that for some inexcusable reason blocked me out! I addressed the issue with the administrator and he said he tried to get me back in but FB would not let him. Damn I was having a great time throwing out "memories" to the rest of the old farts from my home town. maybe a good thing I am blocked because I spent entirely too much time there.

3) Found the live stream from the terrific radio station with one of the old Hippies from Lou! yay.

4) My brother in law gave everyone these beautiful prisms for the window. It is held in place with a suction cup and when the sun gets to a certain point the prism starts dancing! The cat ( alas, not our beloved Indaka, but the cat known as Kitty who showed up on our door step in the middle of a deep freeze with a nap sack on his back and a note from his distressed Mama - please help a little defenseless kitty, hence Kitty) The cat goes nuts trying to catch the moving colors!

5) Met another set of guys writing a blog about traveling around the country. They were from Brooklyn. I asked if they were writing a book about their experience. they informed me "writing a book" was passe, they were writing a blog! Well, hell I always thought you write a blog hoping to get a book deal? Ask Pioneer Woman or Waiter Rant. When Joe and I hit the road I will decidedly be looking for a book deal. lol lol lol and lol again.

Double Entry for August 22 - b/c I'm confused

Grace in Small Things

Monday August Something Maybe the 22nd

1) because my life is so dull at times, having two jobs and all, I will probably think this is the high light of the day a lot of times! Along with the food I eat/cook! With that being said, I ran about two miles in about 25 minutes. I think it was because there were three good looking guys doing a work out routine on the track at the first curve. I wanted to hustle around to get a good look from behind my shades.

2) I got to work early at the Bucket because I thought I had to be there at 530pm and as I was racing down old Goodman road (Joe says we can really haul a** because we have Indiana tags and people assume we are part of the Indy 500 Koolaid set) I realized I was scheduled for 6pm. Wow! Work early for a change.

3) My cash drawer from G-land was perfect! I love that for some crazy reason.

4) Learned there is an Elvis trivia that if you answer correctly you win a free great big lunch from one of our restaurants. Game On!

5) Finally read the Sunday paper

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Uncle Buck Packs my Lunch

8/365 & 1/52 Monday August 22

First week completed 51 to go of Grace in small things

1) Woke up at 5am and jumped out of bed. Much like Julia Child as portrayed in the movie "Julia Julie". The Julia parts were the only good parts.

2) Pack my lunch daily for G-land. Some time it verges on the absurd with left overs. At times I have a little tupper wear of beets, a salad accompanied with a bottle of salad dressing, fruit cocktail etc. As I was eating the beets I felt like Uncle Buck packed my lunch. Uncle Buck is one of those movies that I will watch whenever I find it showing. It never fails to make me laugh out loud! John Candy was one of the funniest guys ever.

3) Had lunch with one of larger characters at G-land. She is leaving, retiring. She mainly works in the jewelry shop and I have learned quite a bit about the Elvis bling from her. I will miss her when shes gone.

4) Had a tight window this morning so I went to the track and ran two miles in about 25 minutes1 I am getting stoked.

5) Made the stretch goal at the Bucket.

Grace in Small Things

Sunday Aug 20th (I hope this is the correct date)

1) Ran at Shelby park with Joe. Did the 2.75 mile route in approx. 35 minutes. I'm getting there.

2) Perfect cash drawer. When I was hired at G-land I found out that at times I would have to "pull a drawer". Since then I have only been off a penny and a second time I have been off a Quarter! I am good with change.

3) Caught Neil Young on a music channel for several songs before Joe changed the channel. I had never heard either before and they were beautiful. I wanted to hear "Hurricane" but it was not to be. It was too late and I was too tired to be totally blown away anyway.

4) I left G-land early when my store was closed first. I love being treated like an adult and trusted to do the right thing.

5) Since I am season and my days are numbered I was encouraged to stay by one of the supervisors. "I want you to stay!" That was so sweet.

Saturday Aug. 20

Grace in Small Things 6/365

1) Passed the silly PAR test at the Bucket. I have avoided taking it for two years (!!!!) because I was either too busy or did not want to give up any of my off time to go in. Anyway, the truly nice people at the new Bucket asked me constantly if I had taken it and I finally caved. For some odd reason, it made my happy!

2) Jasmine rice. I'll never go back to long grain.

3) Elvis pens - the ball point kind.

4) Food Network on line. Found the Beans and Rice recipe from a show I once saw a long time ago and folks, it was easy and so good.

5) My knee did not hurt today. Must have just slept on it wrong - lol.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Grace in Small Things Friday August 19th

1) Soap I bought at trader Joe that is lavender fragrance and has little nubs all over and is just wonderful. A mini massage every day.

2) Priceline - even though it's time may have past, deals like Five Star rooms in Miami for $25!! ...it still will save you money if you are willing to take a risk. A huge risk. Will report back next Monday.

3) Finding out you have a week-end free and no where to be...so you make plans for a mini-vaca.

4) Decided it was too hot to wear anything but a sun dress. Found a dress in the closet that I was coerced into buying in Jamaica - hand made for me - fit like a glove back then, and it's loose now!! Yay,, all this running is paying off!!

5) Yellow butterflies and orange/black butterflies.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Thursday Aug 18

At least I think that is the date yesterday.

Grace in Small Things (and big things) or You Don't Know Nothing About Goats!! (I was being chastised by my friend D. when I asked if his goats ate tin cans...)

1) My friend D. had a brain bleed two weeks ago and is now out of ICU and into a hospital bed. Then out of the bed into the Rehab hospital. On FB it was posted that if he is up to it, he can go to the State Fair to see his kids show their goats. That is some great fantastic news!

2) The University of Memphis Jazz station on the radio. Always perfect.

3) Day off after working 12 straight days at G-land.

4) Took a wrong exit off the expressway and ended up at a Panera Bread! The one most major thing I always thought wrong with C-ville was it was not big enough or had the correct demographics for a Panera Bread. I had a cinnamon raisin bagel - toasted.

5) Went to the Goodwill Bookstore and found "The Playboy Gourmet" 1971. A real unusual book to add to my collection.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wednesday August 17th


Grace in Small Things

1) Rainbow on the way to work.

2) Yellow rain slicker, that I found quickly, complete with
hoodie. Heavy rain a-falling as I bolted out the door!

3) Elvis week is ended and the fans are leaving the building (
lol). There was this one small group of three women who everyday dressed alike in outfits they made themselves from T-shirts purchased at G-land and then embellished. Is the correct word bedazzled? As they walked around the G-land areas they reminded me of a gang. A well maintained, polished and coiffured gang, but a gang just the same. Much like the gang of girls from GREASE - only Rizzo and troop are not teenagers any longer, they are 60 something groupies. I amused myself all day with this thought.

4) My car was acting up after work. I think it was the transmission and I had to drive home on an alternative route and work the shifter that I never use that comes with the Sonota. But when I arrived home and Joe checked the transmission fluid (good) and drove the car around it was all GOOD. Maybe I should stop letting my gas tank get so low -

5) Joe answering his cell phone when I needed him!!