Monday, August 22, 2011


Grace in Small Things Friday August 19th

1) Soap I bought at trader Joe that is lavender fragrance and has little nubs all over and is just wonderful. A mini massage every day.

2) Priceline - even though it's time may have past, deals like Five Star rooms in Miami for $25!! still will save you money if you are willing to take a risk. A huge risk. Will report back next Monday.

3) Finding out you have a week-end free and no where to you make plans for a mini-vaca.

4) Decided it was too hot to wear anything but a sun dress. Found a dress in the closet that I was coerced into buying in Jamaica - hand made for me - fit like a glove back then, and it's loose now!! Yay,, all this running is paying off!!

5) Yellow butterflies and orange/black butterflies.

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