Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 25th

Grace in Small Things 11/365

1) Today is an old friends, (from the very distant past) ( a long long long time ago), birthday and I smile each time I remember. I am unable to contact this person as I have some idea where they are but sleeping dogs are best let to lie.

2) Went to work at G-land thinking I would have to work a register (pull a drawer) all day but that is not how it worked out. In many ways this made the day drag by, but at first it was a relief to not be chained to counter all day long.

3) One of, maybe my most favorite, "associate' did work the drawer in my store.

4) There are Popsicle's in the freezer for everyone everyday!! I got a blue one for the ride home and did not worry about my blue tongue.

5) Bag of scones at Kroger end of the day special about 10 of them for 99 cents!

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