Monday, August 29, 2011

August 23rd

Tuesday 9/365

1) Addicted to the FaceBook Page "Louisville Old Hippies from the 60's & 70's". Love the pictures and the stories and the memories. One "memory" was what song do you most associate with that time and I immediately thought "White Bird" and sure enough so did someone else and the video was posted. I loved that song.

2) Boo to my hometown page that for some inexcusable reason blocked me out! I addressed the issue with the administrator and he said he tried to get me back in but FB would not let him. Damn I was having a great time throwing out "memories" to the rest of the old farts from my home town. maybe a good thing I am blocked because I spent entirely too much time there.

3) Found the live stream from the terrific radio station with one of the old Hippies from Lou! yay.

4) My brother in law gave everyone these beautiful prisms for the window. It is held in place with a suction cup and when the sun gets to a certain point the prism starts dancing! The cat ( alas, not our beloved Indaka, but the cat known as Kitty who showed up on our door step in the middle of a deep freeze with a nap sack on his back and a note from his distressed Mama - please help a little defenseless kitty, hence Kitty) The cat goes nuts trying to catch the moving colors!

5) Met another set of guys writing a blog about traveling around the country. They were from Brooklyn. I asked if they were writing a book about their experience. they informed me "writing a book" was passe, they were writing a blog! Well, hell I always thought you write a blog hoping to get a book deal? Ask Pioneer Woman or Waiter Rant. When Joe and I hit the road I will decidedly be looking for a book deal. lol lol lol and lol again.

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