Monday, August 29, 2011

Double Entry for August 22 - b/c I'm confused

Grace in Small Things

Monday August Something Maybe the 22nd

1) because my life is so dull at times, having two jobs and all, I will probably think this is the high light of the day a lot of times! Along with the food I eat/cook! With that being said, I ran about two miles in about 25 minutes. I think it was because there were three good looking guys doing a work out routine on the track at the first curve. I wanted to hustle around to get a good look from behind my shades.

2) I got to work early at the Bucket because I thought I had to be there at 530pm and as I was racing down old Goodman road (Joe says we can really haul a** because we have Indiana tags and people assume we are part of the Indy 500 Koolaid set) I realized I was scheduled for 6pm. Wow! Work early for a change.

3) My cash drawer from G-land was perfect! I love that for some crazy reason.

4) Learned there is an Elvis trivia that if you answer correctly you win a free great big lunch from one of our restaurants. Game On!

5) Finally read the Sunday paper

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