Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mama says eat Your Veggies

Wednesday August 24th 10/365

1) Because we are so slow now that Elvis week has concluded and everything has slowed down considerably I was sent home two hours early.

2) So I took a leisurely drive home and ended up at the Farmers Market. A misleading name for this International Super Grocery Store, but they certainly have the best selection of vegetables I have ever seen. An array of spectacular color and bin after bin of mind boggling cornucopia from around the world - or so it seems. I have never seen cactus laid out for inspection before. Have you? The question is...have I bought cacti? No. But I do purchase stuff I have never seen before but a little tamer. I love that place.

3) Made one of my all time favorite dishes with squash, onion, and corn scraped fresh off the cob, fresh basil and tomatoes. Instead of using butter to cook it all in, I used two slices of bacon. This stuff is plate licking good. I do not cook the tomatoes into a stew like existence as the recipe calls for, but just toss them in at the end to loosed them up. I like it like that.

4) Have I every mentioned before (lol) how much I use the public library? With my Mom being Super Librarian I was indoctrinated at birth. Every city I have lived in I have a library card. And some that I didn't! That is tricky but at times you can pull it off. I was able to check out several books regarding sightseeing in the area. The Internet is good for information but there is nothing as satisfying as holding a book. At least to me. It's one of life's greatest pleasures for me.

5) One of my all time favorite people needs help. I am able to help out a little. Instead of just doing it I discussed it over with my husband. I am starting to get this marriage thing.

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