Thursday, April 29, 2010

15 Minutes to Kick

At the end of last week I thought I was going to look forward to spending the last 15 minutes of each day writing a quick out pouring of thought. Then reality set in. Reality in the form of people sitting around trying to kill some time by talking to me! And horrors! I had some work to attend to. But just this minute, just a few moments ago everyone vacated the office to go have a look see of a stage they are setting up and tying up some loose ends before our huge event this week-end - so I thought, "Here's my chance!'

Yesterday I read some very disparaging remarks about our president on Face Book written by some guy I use to know and approved with that little thumbs up gizmo by another guy I barely knew or actually can't remember one iota. I could not control myself, I wrote "I'm surprised".

And then I worried, because I do not like to get into any political arguments. I am way out of my element.

But what I do know is I turn off, I don't listen, the curtain comes down when it becomes personal. When the issues are set aside and the mud is slung.

I truly believe that if you want change (and I was aghast at a T-shirt someone was wearing at the Biscuit Bucket "I'll keep my Money, My Guns, My freedoms and you can keep the change" he was accompanied by a girl wearing the Confederate Flag on her back. Good Lord!) then you run for office. It is ineffective to criticise and demoralize our elected officials with abusive attacks. It takes away and cheapens the point you are trying to make.

You either have a sound alternative point of view backed up with a logical difference of opinion or you resort to you attack with inane jokes and thinly veiled racism.

At best it's immature and at worst, mean spirited.

I wanted to write this whole litany to my old college buddy, but I didn't.

He replied to my comment with, "Surprised that he is 2nd (worst president ever)?'

"I'm surprised at you" I wrote back.

"I'll take that as a good thing" he replied further.

I always did like him, even if I disagree with his politics.

Day 150

Grace in Small Things
April 27th

1) No work at Biscuit Bucket!

2) Took a nap with my head in Joe's lap.

3) Made an appt. to have my hair fixed, I mean styled.

4) Designing a great logo for Three Sisters Salt Scrub.

5) Pink 24 lb. paper from Office Depot.

Day 149 - Catching up.

Grace in Small Things
April 26th Monday

1) Found my small voice recorder in the storage area. When I fired it up I listened to myself describing Ft. Wayne for the 1st time over five years ago.

2) I was shown some stuff on FB by my boss about accessing our Mall and as I left I said, "Thanks for hipping me dude". I turned and said, "That's from a movie", and he began to "sing" the first couple of bars from Tequila! Cool guy - he knew!

3) Lunch at Dairy Queen. $2 off coupon. Love that chicken tender basket.

4) A bag of Pine chips flew off the back of a truck I was following on the way to work. I was cautious of his load as I saw him pull on the two lane highway way ahead of me. So I was on HIGH ALERT and when it flew off the back, I was ready to dodge it. Of course I was not traveling too close behind him either.I am so thankful to my guardian angel who once again saved me on this perilous six mile stretch I travel several times a day. Holy Moly.

5) Finding the Jeff Probst blog about Survivor. Very cool. Must watch out because of spoilers.

Day 148 - Will it ever end??

Grace in Small things
Sunday April 25th

1) Made a batch of Almond oil and bath salts with peppermint oil. Yummy.

2) I found myself home alone all morning. Can not remember the last time I was alone - all alone. Intoxicating.

3) On the way to Biscuit Bucket I saw a family flying kites. I wanted to stop and play with them.

4) Pancakes for breakfast. I love Sunday's.

5) Soaked in a bubble bath and used some peppermint body scrub. Oh wow.

Day 147

Saturday April 24
Grace in Small things

1) Made 1st batch of Dead Sea Salt scrub.....need some work. lol.

2) Bon Appetite arrived - always a good day when B-A arrives.

3) Had the most spectacular thunder and lightening storm. We avoided the hail and tornado's where we live - so it was just a spectacular affair.

4) Because I had a hankering for some red meat, bought the most beautiful roast beef ever.

5) Found out it's not stinky cat poop, but a rotten potato!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 146

Friday April 23rd.
Griace in Small Things

1) Received the tax bill for the IN house and it was reduced back to normal. thank God.

2) I'm writing something other than GiST entries. Finally. Even if they are only trashy quickly written posts, at least it's something. I must be feeling better.

3) Got to work on time. First time all week. Every day one minute late, two minutes later. Every day! Yes, this stupid rule about Marketing has to clock in b/c years ago some drug addict Mkt. Director took full advantage of the non-clocking policy. We all suffer for it now.

4) The whole office (all four of us - lol) are FB friends now.

5) Due to the unfaltering diligence of Ms. Wilma and myself, we made the sales goal for the week for the retail store at Biscuit Bucket. I was soooo skeptical that we would pull it off, but thanks to one over the top hour,we did it. We were even a hundred + over for the sales goal.

Day 145

Thursday April 22nd
Grace in Small Things

1) Spell check

2) E-Mail from old Beverage Co. buddy. I cried. Well, I teared up. Ms. Wilma told me, "It's the water you're drinking". She is a 70+ little Spit Fire who works at the Biscuit Bucket with me. An ex-principal for the Ft. Campbell school and she knows practically every local who walks thru the door. She either taught them or taught their children. She put her hand over her mouth, "I never would have said something like that before" she said. I think she was proud of herself for having such a witty one liner about my tearing up any time I talk about Central Ky, my family, my friends.

3)Since somebody is out of checks at the moment I remembered I could take the debit card and get Money Orders. Saved the day!

4) Joe and I had a good laugh about him trying to throw some of my stuff out behind my back. I was tossing something into the trash can and noticed it was extremely heavy so I looked inside. Son of a Biscuit eating Dog, there was a pile of National Geographic and the broken monitor. Instead of blowing up, I stood in the middle of the kitchen and asked, "Did you take the garbage to the curb for pick up this morning?" He flounder around with a "Yes I did, no you did" (which I had), "Well, it seems like it's full!' He began laughing and then I began laughing and then I reminded him of when he almost killed me throwing out my valuable prints in Ft. Wayne thinking they looked like garbage to him. Never ever throw any of my stuff away. Then I added that he could be throwing away my childhood books my Dad gave me! Nothing like a good old guilt trip to get my point across. I went to work and told Candi about the National Geographic and teared up, "They could have been the 1969 Man walks on the Moon issue!'. It's the water I'm drinking.

5) Ms. Ice Queen told me she has an idea for a business in C-ville. It's huge! She needs investors etc. etc. etc. She said she would like for me to come work for her when it happens. Wow. She likes me, she really likes me!

Day 144

Grace in Small Things
wednesday April 23
Administrative Professional Appreciation Day

1) It's good to work in a Mall. You know all the significant holidays.
2) Began day with gift on my desk from The Ice Queen (that is what the Prop Mgr calls her)(and it seems more apropos for the moment until I come up with something better, b/c she really is not an IQ, she is only drawn that way) a nice card and a candle. I thought it was for all the good work I had done for the Peter F. dog and pony show "coming soon to a Mall near you" but no, it's because it's Administrative Professional Day!
3) The Ice Queen and Prop Mgr. bought Mrs. Long Suffering and I lunch from Backyard Burgers (I think). It was goooooooood.
4) Then went to work at Biscuit Bucket and when I bought some Zac Brown cd's (for my on-line business) I was rewarded with a non-advertised promo of BOGO 1/2 off. Yea.
5) Decided that the shipping costs associated with essential oil's was too outrageous to have any advantage of not driving to Nashville for a shopping spree - but went across the street and kept my $'s in C-ville by finding lime oil and peppermint oil at the Herb's and Vitamin store. Rewarded with finding a 16 oz. bottle of sweet almond oil. Sweet. (lol).

Friday, April 23, 2010

15 Minutes to Execute

Looks like this may be the next best thing to a real post. Just let it leak out in little puddles of thought and observations.

I am thinking of starting another blog so I can write about the happenings at the mall. My Alphawoman name is associated with too many things and could very easily land someone on this blog.

It's interesting to just sit here and watch the drama's unfold at this place. And at times I am in on it. Like today I called the Customer Service Booth to have them page a customer who left a package in a retail store. She did answer the hot line between the office and her desk. Twice she did not answer. So I called the kiosk she runs and then, finally she answers. I make my request, "I'm with with a customer" she tells me, "It will be awhile. And is this a medical emergency? I'm not to do it if it's not a medical emergency!" "Forget it" I responded and hung up. She, with her nasty tone had pissed me off.

About 10 minutes later I thought, I should have come back with, "This will be a medical emergency if you don't announce it as I have instructed." Those snappy comebacks always come to me too late.

I had a second telephone conversation that made me want to scream yet again. I am (always) soliciting things for our contests and events. I decided to go to the Complex (i.e. not under the Mall roof, but on the grounds) and ask. This guy totally blew me off. "The Mall does nothing for me! Tell 'Property Manager' hello for me." "That's cold." I said, "Well, I ain't doing nothing". And then he hangs up on me!

I never got a chance to offer him anything in return. I do have something for him! Offer him a week on our marquee!

Isn't it funny how a perfectly great day can be destroyed by a few nasty people?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

15 Minutes To Kill

And I thought I would write a bona fide journal entry.

I have found I do not have much to say and if in a moment of clarity I do have something to say, I get over it quick.

I run out of gas at the end of the day. Sitting in one space all day is an art that I have not mastered. My mind wanders and my fingers wander on the computer key board as I try to keep myself from falling asleep.

For some reason I can not remember, thought I am certain it will come back to me as I type this, I found myself transferred to Trip Advisor and a review of a restaurant in Memphis. I noticed that it was ranked and upon further investigation I found that you could just cruise down the list and pick any establishment and read the remarks. Remarks are pretty funny.

Then it dawned on me that I could find the restaurants ranked in Lexington! So I immediately flipped over and had a great 15 minutes reading about the Eating Establishments that I haunted, loved, hated, were my customers, etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah.

Lot of smiles.

The Ho.

Oh yes, Tolly-Ho.

Where did you go after clubbing (we never called it clubbing, we called it .....what did we call it?) We called each other and would say, "Let's go out!" and someone would say, "You buy and I'll fly..." stuff like that from the olden days.

When you were finished flying, drinking, dancing and all that jazz, you would look at each other and say, "Man, I'm hungry." Well, you all know why we were hungry, we were stoned.

After an evening of dancing, smoking and throwing back salty dogs or gin gimlets (we were a nutty group) we'd pool our money to see what we had left. Usually it was not much.

So, it was off to the Tolly-Ho, a dive on the University of Kentucky's campus. For about $1.00 or so (remember this was back when Disco was king and dinosaurs roamed the Earth) you could eat.

Anyway, because my 15 minutes is almost up, it appears as one of the top restaurants in Lexington. I think this has to be because of the nostalgia attached to it. You were young and or a college student in Lexington and needed to eat at 3 o'clock in the morning - you knew the Ho.

This deserves more than a bored 15 minutes - more later.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 143

Tuesday April 20th
Grace in Small Things

1) Made a visit to one of my favorite stores that I never get to because it is on the other side of town and I am hardly ever over there...Tuesday Morning. Found thousands of things I wanted (now I know why Biscuit Bucket appeals to me so) but bought only one set of cards for $4.99.

2) Found my good buddy BF on FB (isn't that toooooo funny) yesterday. I was sitting at my desk (I'm always sitting at my desk, I am going to get a big butt) typing in all the churches from the Saturday Worship page because I am committed to contacting all of them for the upcoming Senior Expo....and as I typed in the Unitarian Church information my mind, as wasted and numb as could be ideal for thoughts and fragments of ideas to enter, lit upon BF who at one time attended the Unitarian Church (I think a girl was involved) even though he is Catholic like me. So I looked him up on FB and oh my gosh! I found him! So I sent him this cryptic message "Is this the BF who single handedly tried to take out the coke fleet on one hot sweaty Bluegrass Fair/Bengal Camp sort of day?" - (I always send snappy notes like this to those I am trying to Friend on FB, just in case they are not who I think they are). And it was him! I was crying this morning when I got the return message from him. I loved him like a son - the son I never had.

3) Sea Salt arrived and it is beautiful (had to mail order it as I do not live in a civilized place).

4) Received a card from one of my college friends.

5) Got Gevalea coffee in the mail. Good Lord I love that stuff. Everyone now knows what they will be getting for Christmas.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 142

April 19, 2010
Grace in Small Things

1) Those thermal heat a free back one in the mail and decided to wrap it around my knee that is giving me fits. Those dag gone things work!
2) Joking with Mrs. Long Suffering about her idea for writing a book about the shenanigans in the Mall over the past 13 years she has worked. She was telling me about a housekeeping person and a security guard hooking up - finding true love. They were seen kissing all the time all over the Mall. I said, "Hey, when your book is converted into a movie it would be hilarious to have them in the back ground in all the scenes - you know, kissing." At lease I thought it would be comical. Genius almost.
3) Wrote out my schedule for the Mall and when I would be available for the Biscuit Bucket and then I typed it out. I handed it to Heather-Be-Thy name at work and she looked very panicked. It made me feel honored (and kind of cocky) that she was freaking out thinking I was handing in my resignation.
4) Some kid threw up trying to make it to the bathroom. And one of the cashiers came right over and helped clean it up. I went into the bathroom and stuck two pieces of toilet paper in my nose. (I just have to...).....The cashier was a guy! The jury was out on if I liked him or not. I have a healthy respect for him now.
5) The cat's were sleeping on the bed and the Black and White one had Three Legged Cat's tail clutched in between his paws - picture to follow. (It was so cute).

Day 141

Grace in Small Things
Sunday April 18

1) Finding the Topsy Turvy at Walmart.
2) Spending hours planting flowers in pot and tomato's in the Topsy Turvy.
3) Beatle show on TV. And thank God I have a DVR!
4) Sales at Amazon have resumed after some cut throat low baller ran out of product. I will never run out of product (hahah).
5) Having a phone conversation with my Mom who made me laugh with a funny story about my Aunt.

Day 140

Grace in Small Things
April 17th

1) Meeting the Mayor at Biscuit Bucket. Have not worked a Saturday almost all year. And I was planning to e-mail him about an event at the Mall. Kismet.
2) Finding English Liquorice allsorts at ALDI. A whole box for $3.49. I am in heaven. Very good stuff too.
3) Slept for 10 hours! I was tired.
4) I like how everyone in the south is called "Miss" regardless of age, like "Miss Mary" and "Miss Linda" it's very quaint.
5) Going to the Rivers and Spires festival with my honey.

Day 139

April 16th
Grace in Small Things

1) Seeing Sarah at the Mall.
2) Finding little 4 oz. glass mason jars at Walmart
3) Finding "making cosmetics at home" book at library.
4) It's Pay Day!
5) Spoke out loud about the Farmers Market and my plan to have a booth. No one paid any attention. OK. For some reason I am slightly embarrassed.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 138

Grace in Small Things
April 15th

1) Worked at Biscuit Bucket and was glad I did. Missed everyone.

2) Have this project at work of begging...I mean asking for sponsorship/support for various events and activities that are constantly presenting themselves. I am thinking outside the box (how I hate that term) (but I am) to not constantly ask the same people and burn them out. And honestly, I'm having great success. I'm getting much better on the phone, though I thought I preferred face to face, it just ain't gonna happen with Mrs. Long Suffering in and out in her now sporadic M.O.

3) Finding my Blue Monday candy bar in my purse. It's Thursday and I have had bar since Sunday. ( You can only get them in Central KY or maybe on line). I am going to save it for a special breakdown, I mean occasion.

4) Having AVON bag waiting for me at work with goodies. How I love those goodies.

5) One of the college kids at Biscuit Bucket asked me for help on a project she has been assigned. It is a Special Event exercise that requires her to throw a Retirement Party in Memphis. I looked up several venues for her and emailed a link to my favorite. Now granted, taken out of context the link was sort of a non sequitur, just a slide show of the museum with tables all dolled up and a piano in the back ground. "I love it" I wrote. She e-mailed me back and said, "Here is a link I found, what do you think?" and when I opened it it was for a Golf Simulator. I laughed out loud, very loud which caused a disruption in the office ( that tends to happen when someone just begins laughing for no reason). I love smart alec kids.

Day 137

Grace in Small Things
Wednesday April 14th

1) Up at 330am (yuck) and did my taxes. Hey! I'm getting money back. Shocker. Another shocker, had taxes done day before dead line!

2) New Running shoes.

3) Found misplaced letter in glove box. Was # 3 on my "must do" list. Still have #4 to accomplish!

4) Ran again!

5) It was me that opened the mail box and brought in the mail. I don't know why I love to do that but I do. I'm always afraid Joe is going to misplace it (and he has).

Day 136

grace in Small Things
Tuesday April 13th

1) Mrs. Long Suffering came into the office (late) and gave me a Butterfinger Milk Shake in appreciation of my support at the office holding down the fort while she attended to her husband and bringing him home from the hospital.

2) Continued to do the run/walk early in the morning with the birds.

3) Found another cool store, the Country Pantry, operated by the Amish. Located about two miles outside of Tiny Town on the way to Less Tiny Town. Will visit over week-end. Was hipped to store by lady at Vitamin and Herb shop.

4) Made BBQ chicken legs and was able to recreate my killer sauce -

5) Ran/Walked again.

Day 135

Grace in Small Things
April 12th - Monday

1) Calling Biscuit Bucket for my schedule and once again, did not have to go in!

2) Made pan fried chicken with smidge of coconut oil - yummy.

3) Still crazy after all these years, looking for Sea Salt and called it Rock Salt at Hobby Lobby and they told me to go to Walmart they would have it and I told them I did go to Walmart and they only had a 16 oz. shaker in the spice aisle. They gave me a funny look and it was only afterwards that I realized what I had asked for.

4) Found a Herb & Vitamin store right across the street from the Mall.

5) Now I am taking vitamins again (yay).

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 134

April 11th
Grace in Small Things

1) Second day we went for a run/walk! Around the hotel area. Beautiful morning with birds singing.

2) Seeing the Grand babies. They are so cute.

3) A Easter celebration at my Mom's. One of her buddies from NYC was in town and we love her. Joe even made an appearance! My bro's and sis's SIL's and BIL's, nephews and nieces were beginning to think I had cut his head off (to see how much it weighed - see March )it had been so long since they had seen him. Photo-op. Though when I got home I sadly realized I did not hand my camera over for a group pic. Oh well, my Mom will have one.

4) Received my belated Birthday present from Omega. It was very nice. Included a Julia Child book, a new moleskine (one can never have too many) and a bottle of wine to name a few of the goodies in the bag.

5) Meeting my new tenant in Louisville in a Mall at St. Matthew's. One tends to take a closer look when one is in the biz. And my new tenant is sooooo cute.

Day 133

Grace in Small Things
April 10th

1) Event at Mall and the Fashion Board girl did not show and I had to read the Cat in the Hat to a bunch of screaming, laughing, screeching, lovable children. It was neat-o.

2) A mini-vaca to Bowling Green to meet up with some friends from Joe's old company.

3) Had a delicious dinner at a restaurant in the Square. Exceptionally delicious raspberry lemonade martini's.

4) Stayed at a very swanky hotel and received a rate that was exclusive to a local company!

5) Joe and I took a run/walk in Tiny Town to begin preparing for the race (May 2) (lol)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 132

April 9, 2010
Grace in Small Things

1) Over one third the way through doing this challenge. You would not think it is difficult, but it is! Hence, the grace in being over the 1/3 of the way.

2) Cat on the next door roof - again - and Joe being the Hero - again.

3) Brain storming for a Farmer Market item!

4) Joe and I committed to participating in the Queen City Run on May 2nd.

5) Heather Be Thy Name called and said she was over on hours for the week and I did not have to come in. Hmmmmmm, this makes twice this week she has done this to me. I have three hours for the week. Thinking about applying at a Book store across the Mall and working part time at night there.

Friday, April 09, 2010


Grace in Small Things
April 8, 2010

1) Tour of Radio Station - fun.

2) Achieved manager status finally. Means being MOD for a week-end every month. But I also get a day off during the week instead of day after day after day of work work work.

3) Finished book #11 (I think) Drawing in the Dust by Zoe Klein.

4) Finally, half price candy at Walmart.

5) My Senior Fair & Expo is shaping up to be a success. Keeping my fingers crossed. The State Parks called and inquired about a booth! This is my baby. I scoffed when she (Ms. Introvert - I am going to have to come with a new name for her) told me we were having a Senior Fashion Show and we were getting "models" from the local Nursing Homes. "You do know that AARP starts soliciting membership at 50? That is hardly Nursing Home material?" and then I ran with it. I have developed a target mailing list and wrote a most persuasive cover letter (our usual mailings do not include a letter pointing out benefits and backed up with features!) and then I am on the verge of following up my mailing with phone calls. Anyway, I am very encouraged that my first show has legs.

Thursday, April 08, 2010


April 7th
Grace in Small things

1) Being able to reserve books at the library & having them call you with-in two weeks that they are available.

2) Strawberries coming into season and cheap at the grocery store.

3) Watching an old Gunsmoke episode with my husband (did you know that Burt Reynolds use to appear on Gunsmoke?) and Marshal Dillon chases this old bad guy (played by Ben Johnson) to a saloon in another town. When Matt gets there he begins to look around the saloon for his target. The camera pulls down to the floor and shows Matt walking around, the high heels on the saloon girls (High heels????) and the dirty boots of the cow pokes, Marshal Dillon's boots as he surveys - it was a really cool shot and to think! 1960's TV was shot with such a cool hand. Both Joe and I remarked on how awesome the scene was.

4) Later on that night my second favorite SouthPark episode came on "A.W.E.S.O.M.-O."
Have I ever mentioned how much I love Cartman? My husband rolls his eyes. My favorite episode is when Cartman freezes himself because he can not wait for a new video game to be released. He is frozen for a long time and is discovered in the future. He uses some time transport telephone to call himself "back in time" - it's hilarious (at least I think so).

5) I fell asleep last night and awoke in the middle of a big thunder storm! thank God, the Three Legged Cat was outside, hiding under one of our cars. He came tearing in when I opened the door. Then I enjoyed the thunder and lightening for a little while before falling back asleep.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


April 6th, 2010
Grace in Small Things

1) Received a post card from Gayle (hi Gayle!)

2) Found Bunny Bubbles, the kind where you press the belly of the bottle and the wand comes up and then you blow. Found in colors of pink, purple and yellow. Half price!

3) Stepped out on the front porch to break up a cat wallowing fight and the thick dusky perfume that floated to me and engulfed all in its path - oh my. Why doesn't it stay all spring summer? Why does it give way to an average prickly bush?

4) See Rock City Barn. I thank my lucky stars I knew you existed before progress took you down and put a MacMansion on your majestic hill.

5) Made dinner at home. Yummy sweet potato slices and zucchini and chicken.


Grace in Small Things
April 5th, 2010

1) Diet Mt. Dew. While working for the other major soft drink beverage company I made the promise not to partake of the others product. Oh the joy of gulping down that sweet golden dew!

2) We had a cook out at the Mall for the three departments - Ops/Mkt, Security and Housekeeping. It was good eating.

3) I have been "approved" as a mystery shopper for the area. I await my first assignment.

4) The most amazing spot remover helped get that pesky red stain from the back of my favorite gossamer shirt! I have carried it around for two years trying everything and then - suddenly - a simple application of Shout it Out and some work with a toothbrush and it has vanished!

5) Spoke to my daughter and as I hung up I realized she had not asked me for money in a long long time (at least six weeks). Rejoice!

Monday, April 05, 2010

April Fourth

Grace in Small things

1) Cleaned out the storage unit.

2) Found some misplaced awesome stuff.

3) Like the small hand recorder. It's about 20 years old but still works. When I rewound the tape, after popping in a new battery, I listened to myself five years ago driving around Ft. Wayne and recording my first impressions of the area. We had a small snowfall that first week-end. I was flipping out about the amount of snow that fell one afternoon as I lazied around watching TV. I remember that night very well. I do not need my voice (oh it sounded liquid and languid, low and throaty...) to remember that I opened the very last beer and drank half of it and put the cap back on and returned it to the fridge. It was a Strawberry Blend from Mad Anthony's. When Joe came home he raised Cain with me about drinking the last beer. "I did not, I left you half". I slammed out the door and drove to the closest food store in a blinding snow storm. You know that kind, where everything is that sickly orange yellow from the street lamps? Thinking, "I'm a southerner! I shouldn't be out in this weather!" And when I got to the store I found out, the hard way, they do not sell cold beer at the food stores, only at liquor stores (go figure). I drove back home in a blinding snow storm and presented Joe with hot beer. He was not amused. And five years later he still brings it up.

3) Reading the local paper. We have the paper delived to the Mall. It is part of my duties to read the paper and point out anything that might be of interest. In the beginning I hated the paper here. I am use to the Courier Journal which is a terrific paper. And the Lex. Leader which is pretty good too. The L/C is a rag! But as I adjust to the community I am beginning to piece together the dynamics of the city and the week-end papers are the best. I am tempted to hook up my scanner to share one of the photo's.

4) Got all ready to go into work at the Biscuit Bucket, well almost all ready. I was preparing to iron my shirt and I decided to check my cell phone. Three messages. One was from Heather-be-Thy-Name (AKA Queen of the Damned) and there was a message not to come in. Too slow. Unexpected whole week-end off.

5) I celebrated with a beer laced with Ruby Red Grapefruit juice.


of 365
Grace in Small Things
April 3rd

1) Road trip to Nashville early - rolled out of bed at 5am (again) on day off. We trucked there to pick up Joe's car, which he left picking up new motorcycle. We stopped at the Biscuit Bucket there for a hearty breakfast and it began to rain. We ran to our respective cars and dodged rain drops. The wind and rain whipped the tiny spring blooms from the Bradford Pears and Dogwoods and they were flying through the air like snow - just like Ireland the day we visited The Cliffs of Moher.

2) Military-ville is opening up to me. I found an funky wonderful Antique Mall in an old converted Hardware Store Warehouse on the main drag. Found tiny bird houses and a whimsical salt and pepper shaker and a hundred other items I wanted to purchase.

3) Met a nice lady married to a gent from Central KY. We spoke about how beautiful C.KY is and how we long to return.

4) Trip to Hobby Lobby and finding a sunflowers for the office. (it does need some color as it has no Chippendale's for decoration)

5) Made the most killer barbecue sauce ever! It keeps getting better and better. Joe commented it was better than anything commercial or home made he had tasted. Which inspired me to write it down.

April Showers

April 2nd
Grace in Small Things

1) Joe finds new motorcycle and is so happy. It's a trip to see him so happy. Bike is lighter than the Rune and easier to handle, but not as fast.

2) Almost giddy with the prospect of opening a bank account in Military town!

3) Found a Ft. Wayne co-worker on Face Book. What did I call him - Mr. Cool Good looking? I vividly remember meeting him my first day on the job. I was going in the front door and there he was. Cool, sweet and drop dead pretty. And a great guy the year and a half I worked with him. I also remember going through all the stuff one does when one starts a job and then walking back to the the "office" (a 15x8 foot room with four desks and a filing cabinet!!) to be introduced to the rest of the department, "Mother of God" I blurted, "A room full of Chippendale's!" (I am taking poetic license with what I actually said, but they certainly were three of the best looking men I ever encountered smashed in a tiny room!) (The Smart Alec's and the Hunk! That's what I called him, The Hunk)

4) Found my lost MP3 player.

5) The thrill of having paid off the motorcycle.

April's Fool

Grace in Small Things
April 1st

1) Mafia arrives and they look nothing like Tony Soprano, more like A.J. In other words, very young.

2) We pass inspection, though E. takes picture of me and Mrs. Long Suffering and our work space. "That's so she can study it at the Bada Bing" Mrs. Long Suffering tells me, "She hates clutter and will scrutinize the photo".

3) Joe sells motorcycle to WOW in Atlanta. Joe tells them he has a buyer interested and they offer him $1500 more - in cash - than he has listed for the RUNE. Joe rushes into office to tell me b/c I have left (again) my cell phone at home!

4) We ride to Port Royal for a Mexican dinner at this little place I read about in the newspaper. Can't find it! Port Royal is a little settlement on the Red River. And I do mean little! Just a funky gas station and grocery store. Oh snap! There it is! Closed at 6pm. What kind of place is this. Lovely drive though.

5) Survivor is so much fun to watch. Goodbye Boston Rob.


March 31st
Grace in Small Things

1) Avon stuff! New lipsticks. One way too red. Yuck! But only cost me $3.00 to find out.

2) A miracle has occurred with Mrs. Long Suffering. Her husband, who had a cerebral bleed suddenly asked where he was and was astonished to realize he'd been in a hospital for nearly a month! His brain is recovering in leaps and bounds. I am so happy for her.

3) Something triggered a nice old memory of my good friend C.F. who I no longer see because of her addiction problems and how she - well, you all know -. A wonderful memory of a time long ago.

4) Spit shining the office and Mall. Sooooooooooo glad I do not have the stress and pressure any longer that accompanies responsibilities. I am, after all, paid the very least of all salaried employees as the Property Manager gleefully tells me. I have yet to understand why he did that. I could have lived 1,000 years and not have to know that sad truth. Yet, I smile inside that it is not me whose job is on the line when the Mafia arrives.

5) Joe has a solid offer on the RUNE.

Survived to Greet another Day

Grace in small things
March 30th

1) Put house on Craigslist and had two people wanting to look at the house within six hours.

2) Painting toe nails, a spring thing.

3) Guy at work who was flirting with me and it took me awhile to realize it! Then I laughed.

4) Decorating a kiosk - it was fun!

5) The zen like calmness and the satisfaction of organizing a mess stock room.


Grace in Small Things
March 29th

1) Begin day by opening an e-mail from my renters in Indiana telling me they have bought a home and are moving around April 19th.
2) Landlord meets Joe at home and tells him they are going to tear up all the bushes in front of the house. I freak out. "Did you ask them why?" "No, it's their house, they can do what they want." "But why??" I insist, "You know I didn't rent that house in Military Town because of the landscaping - lack of. that house looked un-loved. This is terrible." I choke up at work.
3) Tell Mrs. Long Suffering that things come in threes and I'm waiting. Then I lose one of my favorite earrings, a beautiful violet jade ball. That was three.
4) Have to go to work at Biscuit Bucket and be nice to everyone.
5) Joe is upset because we have put his motorcycle on Craigslist and he has lowered the price and it still is not selling. Only some crazy guy, driving Joe nuts with his questions and accusations about the Rune.

The Grace part

1) At least I am able to own a home.
2) The removal of all the bushes will give me an opportunity to adorn the front with flowers and my own brand of yard art.
3) I still have my jewelry making kit. Maybe I can find a jade ball a similar shade and make a match.
4) I am blessed to have a second job to make ends meet and start a savings account.
5) Interest in the high priced RUNE.

I'm Lost in this GiST's

Sunday March 28th.

1) Quiet time at home (alone)
2) No one mentioned UK causing me to burst into tears
3) While on the way home from Biscuit Bucket at 1130pm it was so dark. The two lane highway stretch that connects Tiny Town with Military Town is unlit and spooky. A moonless night and I thought, "Turn on your brights". As soon as I did I saw two deer, painted ghost white by my beams not 100 feet ahead of me beginning to cross the road. I was able to brake in time to avoid disaster.
4) My guardian angel who rides shot gun sometimes.
5) Two cats waiting for me at the door, my husband asleep on the couch with the TV blaring, also waiting for me.