Monday, April 05, 2010

April's Fool

Grace in Small Things
April 1st

1) Mafia arrives and they look nothing like Tony Soprano, more like A.J. In other words, very young.

2) We pass inspection, though E. takes picture of me and Mrs. Long Suffering and our work space. "That's so she can study it at the Bada Bing" Mrs. Long Suffering tells me, "She hates clutter and will scrutinize the photo".

3) Joe sells motorcycle to WOW in Atlanta. Joe tells them he has a buyer interested and they offer him $1500 more - in cash - than he has listed for the RUNE. Joe rushes into office to tell me b/c I have left (again) my cell phone at home!

4) We ride to Port Royal for a Mexican dinner at this little place I read about in the newspaper. Can't find it! Port Royal is a little settlement on the Red River. And I do mean little! Just a funky gas station and grocery store. Oh snap! There it is! Closed at 6pm. What kind of place is this. Lovely drive though.

5) Survivor is so much fun to watch. Goodbye Boston Rob.


Lulu LaBonne said...

The only one here that I could make head or tail of was the road trip - always good to look for new places, you'll always find something

Lori said...

So glad the Rune sold for even more than he'd asked. This better not be an April Fool's joke!!!