Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 146

Friday April 23rd.
Griace in Small Things

1) Received the tax bill for the IN house and it was reduced back to normal. thank God.

2) I'm writing something other than GiST entries. Finally. Even if they are only trashy quickly written posts, at least it's something. I must be feeling better.

3) Got to work on time. First time all week. Every day one minute late, two minutes later. Every day! Yes, this stupid rule about Marketing has to clock in b/c years ago some drug addict Mkt. Director took full advantage of the non-clocking policy. We all suffer for it now.

4) The whole office (all four of us - lol) are FB friends now.

5) Due to the unfaltering diligence of Ms. Wilma and myself, we made the sales goal for the week for the retail store at Biscuit Bucket. I was soooo skeptical that we would pull it off, but thanks to one over the top hour,we did it. We were even a hundred + over for the sales goal.

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Nelle said...

MY GIST for today
Got a wonderful post card from New Orleans (city Dad was born in)
and got a wonderful "girl" friend card that made me smile from ear to ear.....
Went to hospital for blood test and on the way home ran into Walmart for one of their tiny lemon pies. :)
Thank you, your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated...especially now.