Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 145

Thursday April 22nd
Grace in Small Things

1) Spell check

2) E-Mail from old Beverage Co. buddy. I cried. Well, I teared up. Ms. Wilma told me, "It's the water you're drinking". She is a 70+ little Spit Fire who works at the Biscuit Bucket with me. An ex-principal for the Ft. Campbell school and she knows practically every local who walks thru the door. She either taught them or taught their children. She put her hand over her mouth, "I never would have said something like that before" she said. I think she was proud of herself for having such a witty one liner about my tearing up any time I talk about Central Ky, my family, my friends.

3)Since somebody is out of checks at the moment I remembered I could take the debit card and get Money Orders. Saved the day!

4) Joe and I had a good laugh about him trying to throw some of my stuff out behind my back. I was tossing something into the trash can and noticed it was extremely heavy so I looked inside. Son of a Biscuit eating Dog, there was a pile of National Geographic and the broken monitor. Instead of blowing up, I stood in the middle of the kitchen and asked, "Did you take the garbage to the curb for pick up this morning?" He flounder around with a "Yes I did, no you did" (which I had), "Well, it seems like it's full!' He began laughing and then I began laughing and then I reminded him of when he almost killed me throwing out my valuable prints in Ft. Wayne thinking they looked like garbage to him. Never ever throw any of my stuff away. Then I added that he could be throwing away my childhood books my Dad gave me! Nothing like a good old guilt trip to get my point across. I went to work and told Candi about the National Geographic and teared up, "They could have been the 1969 Man walks on the Moon issue!'. It's the water I'm drinking.

5) Ms. Ice Queen told me she has an idea for a business in C-ville. It's huge! She needs investors etc. etc. etc. She said she would like for me to come work for her when it happens. Wow. She likes me, she really likes me!

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