Friday, April 23, 2010

15 Minutes to Execute

Looks like this may be the next best thing to a real post. Just let it leak out in little puddles of thought and observations.

I am thinking of starting another blog so I can write about the happenings at the mall. My Alphawoman name is associated with too many things and could very easily land someone on this blog.

It's interesting to just sit here and watch the drama's unfold at this place. And at times I am in on it. Like today I called the Customer Service Booth to have them page a customer who left a package in a retail store. She did answer the hot line between the office and her desk. Twice she did not answer. So I called the kiosk she runs and then, finally she answers. I make my request, "I'm with with a customer" she tells me, "It will be awhile. And is this a medical emergency? I'm not to do it if it's not a medical emergency!" "Forget it" I responded and hung up. She, with her nasty tone had pissed me off.

About 10 minutes later I thought, I should have come back with, "This will be a medical emergency if you don't announce it as I have instructed." Those snappy comebacks always come to me too late.

I had a second telephone conversation that made me want to scream yet again. I am (always) soliciting things for our contests and events. I decided to go to the Complex (i.e. not under the Mall roof, but on the grounds) and ask. This guy totally blew me off. "The Mall does nothing for me! Tell 'Property Manager' hello for me." "That's cold." I said, "Well, I ain't doing nothing". And then he hangs up on me!

I never got a chance to offer him anything in return. I do have something for him! Offer him a week on our marquee!

Isn't it funny how a perfectly great day can be destroyed by a few nasty people?


Martha said...

That's how that bumper sticker "Mean people suck" came into existence!

So glad you stopped by this week. Hope all is well in your world - other than the mean people of course :-)

Lisa :-] said...

It's all about meanness and rudeness these days. But I bet you--and ONLY you--could sweet talk that guy who hung up on you if you wanted to. Go get 'im, Mary!