Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 138

Grace in Small Things
April 15th

1) Worked at Biscuit Bucket and was glad I did. Missed everyone.

2) Have this project at work of begging...I mean asking for sponsorship/support for various events and activities that are constantly presenting themselves. I am thinking outside the box (how I hate that term) (but I am) to not constantly ask the same people and burn them out. And honestly, I'm having great success. I'm getting much better on the phone, though I thought I preferred face to face, it just ain't gonna happen with Mrs. Long Suffering in and out in her now sporadic M.O.

3) Finding my Blue Monday candy bar in my purse. It's Thursday and I have had bar since Sunday. ( You can only get them in Central KY or maybe on line). I am going to save it for a special breakdown, I mean occasion.

4) Having AVON bag waiting for me at work with goodies. How I love those goodies.

5) One of the college kids at Biscuit Bucket asked me for help on a project she has been assigned. It is a Special Event exercise that requires her to throw a Retirement Party in Memphis. I looked up several venues for her and emailed a link to my favorite. Now granted, taken out of context the link was sort of a non sequitur, just a slide show of the museum with tables all dolled up and a piano in the back ground. "I love it" I wrote. She e-mailed me back and said, "Here is a link I found, what do you think?" and when I opened it it was for a Golf Simulator. I laughed out loud, very loud which caused a disruption in the office ( that tends to happen when someone just begins laughing for no reason). I love smart alec kids.

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