Monday, April 05, 2010


Grace in Small Things
March 29th

1) Begin day by opening an e-mail from my renters in Indiana telling me they have bought a home and are moving around April 19th.
2) Landlord meets Joe at home and tells him they are going to tear up all the bushes in front of the house. I freak out. "Did you ask them why?" "No, it's their house, they can do what they want." "But why??" I insist, "You know I didn't rent that house in Military Town because of the landscaping - lack of. that house looked un-loved. This is terrible." I choke up at work.
3) Tell Mrs. Long Suffering that things come in threes and I'm waiting. Then I lose one of my favorite earrings, a beautiful violet jade ball. That was three.
4) Have to go to work at Biscuit Bucket and be nice to everyone.
5) Joe is upset because we have put his motorcycle on Craigslist and he has lowered the price and it still is not selling. Only some crazy guy, driving Joe nuts with his questions and accusations about the Rune.

The Grace part

1) At least I am able to own a home.
2) The removal of all the bushes will give me an opportunity to adorn the front with flowers and my own brand of yard art.
3) I still have my jewelry making kit. Maybe I can find a jade ball a similar shade and make a match.
4) I am blessed to have a second job to make ends meet and start a savings account.
5) Interest in the high priced RUNE.


Donna said...

Craigslist secrets I have learned: Delete the ad and put it back on, which brings it to the top. You have to wait at least three full days to do this. Oh, and don't LOWER the price... RAISE it a bit. Those cheapskates who were waiting to get a deal sometimes panic and will call and offer your original price. At that point, you agree. I know it sounds crazy, but it's worked more than once for us.

Lori said...