Monday, April 05, 2010

April Fourth

Grace in Small things

1) Cleaned out the storage unit.

2) Found some misplaced awesome stuff.

3) Like the small hand recorder. It's about 20 years old but still works. When I rewound the tape, after popping in a new battery, I listened to myself five years ago driving around Ft. Wayne and recording my first impressions of the area. We had a small snowfall that first week-end. I was flipping out about the amount of snow that fell one afternoon as I lazied around watching TV. I remember that night very well. I do not need my voice (oh it sounded liquid and languid, low and throaty...) to remember that I opened the very last beer and drank half of it and put the cap back on and returned it to the fridge. It was a Strawberry Blend from Mad Anthony's. When Joe came home he raised Cain with me about drinking the last beer. "I did not, I left you half". I slammed out the door and drove to the closest food store in a blinding snow storm. You know that kind, where everything is that sickly orange yellow from the street lamps? Thinking, "I'm a southerner! I shouldn't be out in this weather!" And when I got to the store I found out, the hard way, they do not sell cold beer at the food stores, only at liquor stores (go figure). I drove back home in a blinding snow storm and presented Joe with hot beer. He was not amused. And five years later he still brings it up.

3) Reading the local paper. We have the paper delived to the Mall. It is part of my duties to read the paper and point out anything that might be of interest. In the beginning I hated the paper here. I am use to the Courier Journal which is a terrific paper. And the Lex. Leader which is pretty good too. The L/C is a rag! But as I adjust to the community I am beginning to piece together the dynamics of the city and the week-end papers are the best. I am tempted to hook up my scanner to share one of the photo's.

4) Got all ready to go into work at the Biscuit Bucket, well almost all ready. I was preparing to iron my shirt and I decided to check my cell phone. Three messages. One was from Heather-be-Thy-Name (AKA Queen of the Damned) and there was a message not to come in. Too slow. Unexpected whole week-end off.

5) I celebrated with a beer laced with Ruby Red Grapefruit juice.

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Lori said...

I always enjoy reading my home town paper when I visit my Mom. I must remember to get a subscription -- just because it is so hilarious! Glad things are starting to come together for you down there.