Sunday, March 13, 2005


How I spent my Vacation

Naturally, we found the best pub in Ft. Wayne. How could it not be with a name like this MAD ANTHONY BREWERY COMPANY and MUNCHIE HARBORING!

Absolute great atmosphere. Wonderful mix of people dining in the restaurant area and warming the seats at the bar. The bartenders were top shelf! We went three times while I was there. On the second trip we met one of the owners. Sometimes it is astonding how small the world really is. We mentioned we were from Kentucky and he responded that he had lived in West Kentucky for many years. In Paduach, of all places! (Very close to Murray where I first attended college).

Besides having truly great beer, the best being the Ruby Raspberry Wheat Ale
they also sell mugs that hold 22 ounces. The cost of the mug, #39.95!! The mugs are housed on a shelf behind the bar. When you come in, you are served in your personalized and specific mug. You receive that much more beer than your normal pint, and pay 50 cents less! We quickly figured that based on going three times a week, having x amount of beers each trip...the mug would pay for itself in less than two months!

How could I not love a pub that has a menu with an old VW bus on the front sporting the tag line, PEACE LOVE AND HOPPINESS? And a beer called Old Crippled Bastard!!!

While at the bar talking to the owner, one of the regular patrons over heard the conversation. As we were leaving, he yells goodbye to us, and welcome to Ft. Wayne and Mad Anthony's!! "You're a Hoosier now!" he happily shouted at us.

I never thought I'd see the day!

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