Saturday, March 12, 2005


Life is pressing in on me as of late. I have, I feel I have so many obligations to so many people. My parents, my daughter who is beginning her life as an adult but still needs me...., my in-laws, rather my husbands children who need him, my work, my customers, my friends, my co-workers, and oh-my-God can I believe I put them on the end!!!! My family! I feel I am thrust into responsibility head first and hands bound together.

This morning I was walking down the inner city streets of Louisville...alone..., heading towards Sluggar stadium for the first leg of the Triple Corwn of Running, the Antheum 5K I felt so overwhelmed. So many people depending on my to make them happy, make their lives easier. Every step I took I felt the heaviness of responsibilty slide from my sholders. I had a fantasy of cashing in all my chips and running away. For the briefiest moment I remembered what it was like to not have a worry in the world....

Sometimes to run is to be free. Even if you are running at the back of the pack.

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