Friday, March 25, 2005


Life has been very unsettling as of late. It is a fact that I am very laid back and a procrastinator. I avoid things until it becomes a do or die situation. I have a leisurely attitude about everything. Sense of urgency is a limited part of my physical being and psychological profile. I do things slow and easy.

This move is killing me! Everything is happening very fast. I have had one realtor visit already and another on the way tomorrow. I cringe thinking what I am going to have to do to get this house whipped into shape to put on the market. This is torture for me. I am so very out of my comfort zone that my head is spinning.

Continuing with the company I am with now looks very uncertain. I was crying in the Human Resource office today. Not sobbing, just talking about how I feel about this company. And the tears arrived. Not to fear, Poo-Poo's company has major heavy hitter relocation services. I already have a career consultant "on staff". I have finally found my resume which has been in the vault for seven years! I am totally freaking out.

So what do I do? I spend hours watching info commercials this Sunday morning. I think they hypnotize you to walk zombie like to your computer and immediately order their life altering products!

The first arrived today and I have been playing like a little girl with my new make-up collection. Let me tell you all something! This stuff if FABULOUS! The amount of money I have spent on makeup in my life time is equal to the GNP of a small country. Honest. So I know my makeup. I don't wear much of it because once you reach a certain age, it looks like you have painted your face! This stuff is absolutely knock out!

My POWER-90 has not arrived yet. Guaranteed to take me from Chunky Monkey to Hot Babe in 90 days. I can't wait!!!

**** Note to self: Avoid life altering info commercials while in life altering mood.

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