Tuesday, December 02, 2014


How silly it is for me to say I miss this little blog? I don't really understand why I stopped pouring out my life on these pages. After all it was a white washed version of my life. Not the nitty gritty. It was the kind of life how I wanted to live,  not exactly how I really am.

I have stopped examining my life and the situations and experiences that define me. It is as if I have laid myself out on a swift moving river and am allowing it to take me where ever it pleases. At times I am astounded at where I have landed. But that is what happens with the unexamined existence.

I have bounced around from Clarksville, TN to Memphis - the largest city in Mississippi -  back to Kentucky and now have landed (softly) in Indiana and, hang on to your hat, am getting ready to become a Trailer Trash Snow Bird in Florida for the winter.

My mother has passed away several months ago and I feel like an orphan, a motherless child. I think of her still as if she were still with us. I suppose in time I will stop this. It is disconcerting and slightly sad to follow up a thought about her with the reality of her death.

My husband has retired and life is very different! I will say no more but this ..... I never thought too much about what this would be like. Day after day of vacation. Endless vacation. I am not certain it is a good thing. But it has been interesting.

And so ......I guess I am back.


Gerald Cobb said...

Welcome back and I love Florida,, ;)

Donna said...

My husband and I love retirement. He putters around with his tractors, I play around with cows and babysit a little girl. Life is good.

Sheila Y said...

Welcome back! Sorry to hear your Mom has passed. I'm sure retirement takes some adjusting too. Take care, Sheila

Lisa :-] said...

Retirement is...weird. I am not rally retired, but I don't work much, either. There is much about it to enjoy, but still...you feel a little bit as if your life is on hold, somehow. And at this age, it really can't be. Hope you find fulfilling things to fill your time.

Paul said...

Mary...I'm sorry to hear you lost your mother. I know that she was a strongly positive presence in your life. I'm doing Florida now, too--Jensen Beach, January and February. I hope things are going well for you, Joe, and your daughter. Remember, don't try to lift the hay off the wagon while you're standing on it. Don't do it.