Thursday, April 08, 2010


April 7th
Grace in Small things

1) Being able to reserve books at the library & having them call you with-in two weeks that they are available.

2) Strawberries coming into season and cheap at the grocery store.

3) Watching an old Gunsmoke episode with my husband (did you know that Burt Reynolds use to appear on Gunsmoke?) and Marshal Dillon chases this old bad guy (played by Ben Johnson) to a saloon in another town. When Matt gets there he begins to look around the saloon for his target. The camera pulls down to the floor and shows Matt walking around, the high heels on the saloon girls (High heels????) and the dirty boots of the cow pokes, Marshal Dillon's boots as he surveys - it was a really cool shot and to think! 1960's TV was shot with such a cool hand. Both Joe and I remarked on how awesome the scene was.

4) Later on that night my second favorite SouthPark episode came on "A.W.E.S.O.M.-O."
Have I ever mentioned how much I love Cartman? My husband rolls his eyes. My favorite episode is when Cartman freezes himself because he can not wait for a new video game to be released. He is frozen for a long time and is discovered in the future. He uses some time transport telephone to call himself "back in time" - it's hilarious (at least I think so).

5) I fell asleep last night and awoke in the middle of a big thunder storm! thank God, the Three Legged Cat was outside, hiding under one of our cars. He came tearing in when I opened the door. Then I enjoyed the thunder and lightening for a little while before falling back asleep.


Lori said...

High heels have been around for a long time. In the 1700s even gentlemen minced around on high heels, often red ones!

Nelle said...

I love South Park and my childhood best friend watches it also. We compare notes. The stuff they do is just so outrageous.