Monday, April 05, 2010

April Showers

April 2nd
Grace in Small Things

1) Joe finds new motorcycle and is so happy. It's a trip to see him so happy. Bike is lighter than the Rune and easier to handle, but not as fast.

2) Almost giddy with the prospect of opening a bank account in Military town!

3) Found a Ft. Wayne co-worker on Face Book. What did I call him - Mr. Cool Good looking? I vividly remember meeting him my first day on the job. I was going in the front door and there he was. Cool, sweet and drop dead pretty. And a great guy the year and a half I worked with him. I also remember going through all the stuff one does when one starts a job and then walking back to the the "office" (a 15x8 foot room with four desks and a filing cabinet!!) to be introduced to the rest of the department, "Mother of God" I blurted, "A room full of Chippendale's!" (I am taking poetic license with what I actually said, but they certainly were three of the best looking men I ever encountered smashed in a tiny room!) (The Smart Alec's and the Hunk! That's what I called him, The Hunk)

4) Found my lost MP3 player.

5) The thrill of having paid off the motorcycle.

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Lori said...

And you LEFT that job??? lol