Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 134

April 11th
Grace in Small Things

1) Second day we went for a run/walk! Around the hotel area. Beautiful morning with birds singing.

2) Seeing the Grand babies. They are so cute.

3) A Easter celebration at my Mom's. One of her buddies from NYC was in town and we love her. Joe even made an appearance! My bro's and sis's SIL's and BIL's, nephews and nieces were beginning to think I had cut his head off (to see how much it weighed - see March )it had been so long since they had seen him. Photo-op. Though when I got home I sadly realized I did not hand my camera over for a group pic. Oh well, my Mom will have one.

4) Received my belated Birthday present from Omega. It was very nice. Included a Julia Child book, a new moleskine (one can never have too many) and a bottle of wine to name a few of the goodies in the bag.

5) Meeting my new tenant in Louisville in a Mall at St. Matthew's. One tends to take a closer look when one is in the biz. And my new tenant is sooooo cute.

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