Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 143

Tuesday April 20th
Grace in Small Things

1) Made a visit to one of my favorite stores that I never get to because it is on the other side of town and I am hardly ever over there...Tuesday Morning. Found thousands of things I wanted (now I know why Biscuit Bucket appeals to me so) but bought only one set of cards for $4.99.

2) Found my good buddy BF on FB (isn't that toooooo funny) yesterday. I was sitting at my desk (I'm always sitting at my desk, I am going to get a big butt) typing in all the churches from the Saturday Worship page because I am committed to contacting all of them for the upcoming Senior Expo....and as I typed in the Unitarian Church information my mind, as wasted and numb as could be ideal for thoughts and fragments of ideas to enter, lit upon BF who at one time attended the Unitarian Church (I think a girl was involved) even though he is Catholic like me. So I looked him up on FB and oh my gosh! I found him! So I sent him this cryptic message "Is this the BF who single handedly tried to take out the coke fleet on one hot sweaty Bluegrass Fair/Bengal Camp sort of day?" - (I always send snappy notes like this to those I am trying to Friend on FB, just in case they are not who I think they are). And it was him! I was crying this morning when I got the return message from him. I loved him like a son - the son I never had.

3) Sea Salt arrived and it is beautiful (had to mail order it as I do not live in a civilized place).

4) Received a card from one of my college friends.

5) Got Gevalea coffee in the mail. Good Lord I love that stuff. Everyone now knows what they will be getting for Christmas.

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