Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Grace in Small Things
April 5th, 2010

1) Diet Mt. Dew. While working for the other major soft drink beverage company I made the promise not to partake of the others product. Oh the joy of gulping down that sweet golden dew!

2) We had a cook out at the Mall for the three departments - Ops/Mkt, Security and Housekeeping. It was good eating.

3) I have been "approved" as a mystery shopper for the area. I await my first assignment.

4) The most amazing spot remover helped get that pesky red stain from the back of my favorite gossamer shirt! I have carried it around for two years trying everything and then - suddenly - a simple application of Shout it Out and some work with a toothbrush and it has vanished!

5) Spoke to my daughter and as I hung up I realized she had not asked me for money in a long long time (at least six weeks). Rejoice!

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Nelle said...

Loved being a mystery shopper years ago. What fun.