Monday, April 05, 2010


of 365
Grace in Small Things
April 3rd

1) Road trip to Nashville early - rolled out of bed at 5am (again) on day off. We trucked there to pick up Joe's car, which he left picking up new motorcycle. We stopped at the Biscuit Bucket there for a hearty breakfast and it began to rain. We ran to our respective cars and dodged rain drops. The wind and rain whipped the tiny spring blooms from the Bradford Pears and Dogwoods and they were flying through the air like snow - just like Ireland the day we visited The Cliffs of Moher.

2) Military-ville is opening up to me. I found an funky wonderful Antique Mall in an old converted Hardware Store Warehouse on the main drag. Found tiny bird houses and a whimsical salt and pepper shaker and a hundred other items I wanted to purchase.

3) Met a nice lady married to a gent from Central KY. We spoke about how beautiful C.KY is and how we long to return.

4) Trip to Hobby Lobby and finding a sunflowers for the office. (it does need some color as it has no Chippendale's for decoration)

5) Made the most killer barbecue sauce ever! It keeps getting better and better. Joe commented it was better than anything commercial or home made he had tasted. Which inspired me to write it down.


Lori said...

Well? Are you going to share the recipe?!?

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