Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 142

April 19, 2010
Grace in Small Things

1) Those thermal heat things...got a free back one in the mail and decided to wrap it around my knee that is giving me fits. Those dag gone things work!
2) Joking with Mrs. Long Suffering about her idea for writing a book about the shenanigans in the Mall over the past 13 years she has worked. She was telling me about a housekeeping person and a security guard hooking up - finding true love. They were seen kissing all the time all over the Mall. I said, "Hey, when your book is converted into a movie it would be hilarious to have them in the back ground in all the scenes - you know, kissing." At lease I thought it would be comical. Genius almost.
3) Wrote out my schedule for the Mall and when I would be available for the Biscuit Bucket and then I typed it out. I handed it to Heather-Be-Thy name at work and she looked very panicked. It made me feel honored (and kind of cocky) that she was freaking out thinking I was handing in my resignation.
4) Some kid threw up trying to make it to the bathroom. And one of the cashiers came right over and helped clean it up. I went into the bathroom and stuck two pieces of toilet paper in my nose. (I just have to...).....The cashier was a guy! The jury was out on if I liked him or not. I have a healthy respect for him now.
5) The cat's were sleeping on the bed and the Black and White one had Three Legged Cat's tail clutched in between his paws - picture to follow. (It was so cute).

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