Monday, April 05, 2010


March 31st
Grace in Small Things

1) Avon stuff! New lipsticks. One way too red. Yuck! But only cost me $3.00 to find out.

2) A miracle has occurred with Mrs. Long Suffering. Her husband, who had a cerebral bleed suddenly asked where he was and was astonished to realize he'd been in a hospital for nearly a month! His brain is recovering in leaps and bounds. I am so happy for her.

3) Something triggered a nice old memory of my good friend C.F. who I no longer see because of her addiction problems and how she - well, you all know -. A wonderful memory of a time long ago.

4) Spit shining the office and Mall. Sooooooooooo glad I do not have the stress and pressure any longer that accompanies responsibilities. I am, after all, paid the very least of all salaried employees as the Property Manager gleefully tells me. I have yet to understand why he did that. I could have lived 1,000 years and not have to know that sad truth. Yet, I smile inside that it is not me whose job is on the line when the Mafia arrives.

5) Joe has a solid offer on the RUNE.

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Lori said...

Sounds like a lot of good news! And I'm especially glad that your friend's husband is doing so well.