Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 149 - Catching up.

Grace in Small Things
April 26th Monday

1) Found my small voice recorder in the storage area. When I fired it up I listened to myself describing Ft. Wayne for the 1st time over five years ago.

2) I was shown some stuff on FB by my boss about accessing our Mall and as I left I said, "Thanks for hipping me dude". I turned and said, "That's from a movie", and he began to "sing" the first couple of bars from Tequila! Cool guy - he knew!

3) Lunch at Dairy Queen. $2 off coupon. Love that chicken tender basket.

4) A bag of Pine chips flew off the back of a truck I was following on the way to work. I was cautious of his load as I saw him pull on the two lane highway way ahead of me. So I was on HIGH ALERT and when it flew off the back, I was ready to dodge it. Of course I was not traveling too close behind him either.I am so thankful to my guardian angel who once again saved me on this perilous six mile stretch I travel several times a day. Holy Moly.

5) Finding the Jeff Probst blog about Survivor. Very cool. Must watch out because of spoilers.

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