Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 135

Grace in Small Things
April 12th - Monday

1) Calling Biscuit Bucket for my schedule and once again, did not have to go in!

2) Made pan fried chicken with smidge of coconut oil - yummy.

3) Still crazy after all these years, looking for Sea Salt and called it Rock Salt at Hobby Lobby and they told me to go to Walmart they would have it and I told them I did go to Walmart and they only had a 16 oz. shaker in the spice aisle. They gave me a funny look and it was only afterwards that I realized what I had asked for.

4) Found a Herb & Vitamin store right across the street from the Mall.

5) Now I am taking vitamins again (yay).

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Lori said...

Laughing at the rock salt!