Monday, August 15, 2011

Grace in Small Things

I really miss this and I miss writing on JAHG - so I'm going to do it again!!


1) Fabulous sunset. How long has it been since I've paid attention to the sunset? Maybe it's just been awhile since the sun was setting around 730ish and I was traveling East and looked in my rear view and there it was. Beautiful.

2) It seems the weather has taken a break from the 100 degrees and 110 heat index. I marvel at how absolutely beautiful it feels!

3) It's Elvis week at G-land and things are very interesting. Tonight is the candle light vigil as he died 34 years ago tomorrow. It is so cool that they allow anyone who wants to to visit the grave site at Graceland tonight. I worked nine hours and was in a mind to attend and watch, but once it was clock out time I checked out.

4) Today I met Alfred Wertheimer who took the famous photographs of Elvis as he was a young rising star at RCA. I was able to purchase two huge postcards for him to autograph. I am going to give them to Omega and her husband for X-mas. As soon as I quit being so lazy, I will hook up my scanner and share with y'all the fantastic surprise I have for Omega.

5) The guy I wanted to win the Food Net Work Star competition WON! Yea! Go Jeff!

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Lisa :-] said...

Welcome back Mary! You have been missed.

Now...Job? What job? I am pretty sure you moved and had to leave your job at the mall... What are you doing now?