Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh Boy!! A Thursday Thirteen!

I am going to have to make one of my infamous lists about things to write about. Until then this list off the top of my head will have to do.

Thirteen Good things that happened to me Yesterday

1) I was in Borders books the day before and saw a box of exquisite Christmas cards, exquisite to me I suppose because if they were so awesome why would they still be there marked down 75%. I hid them at the unused front check out area and when I returned the next day (yesterday) they had been moved - back to the 75% off counter! But there they were, waiting for me.

2) Received the Martha Stewert LIVING magazine and was reading it during my lunch break (lol - permanent break) and came across three really good articles. I love Martha and at times I will think, "What would Martha do?"....I digress. Did you know that you can make your own vanilla extract? Easy. You just take some left over vodka and a small bottle with a tight lid and some time. Oh yes, and a vanilla bean.

3) Went to work at the Bucket and while I was in the back room I stuck two CD's in my pocket. They had been on sale, buy one get one 50% off. To my horror, the promo was over! I had those two CD's in my pocket and all thru out my shift I contemplated how simple it would be to just walk out with them! I am not a thief by nature but something about how easy it was going to be. In the end I bought only one and a candle. It was wonderful to know that I licked the wicked wolf.

4) Those Wood Wick candles were on sale. 70% off and then my 20% on top of that! So I got this cool candle for about $4. I love collecting stuff so that I can give it away later. Always a good thing to have good things on hand.

5) Received my Bollywood bangles in the mail. They are the Bomb.

6) Have lined up five vendors for the Bridal Expo and have not even mailed out the first brochure! It was my "Save the Date" cards! I rock.

7) One of the merchants is going to take the display case that is the size of hotel bathroom. It took me awhile to find someone brave enough to do it!

8) Found incredible recipes for pomegranate. One of the super foods. I am into super foods these days.

9) Made this potato/sweet potato soup the other day and while rummaging around in the ice box for something to bag up for work there it was!! Delish. I invented it. Here it is. Two potatoes, one sweet potato, one apple , a carrot and about a quarter size of ginger root and of course an onion. And a box of low sodium no fat chicken stock. About four cups. Naturally the recipe includes the steps and how to cream it all together into one fabulous pot of soup. But I won't bore y'all.

10) Was offered a free shot at this on line cooking school called Rouxbe for a couple of weeks to write a review for the Cooking Club. Cool!

11) I am on the schedule for the Bucket and got a fair amount of hours. With a bunch of needy kids it helps.

12) Have lost about five pounds in two weeks which is too slow for me, but when I think about it in another two weeks if I loose another five pounds then it will be 10! that will be great.

13) Found the "I survived AOL Journals" group on Face Book. It is fantastic to reconnect with all those blog writers from The Day. In a crazy sort of way, I think AOL led the way into the Blogosphere. Back in 2003 it was so small and AOL just exploded.

There you go, another completed 13.


Xakara said...

Not only can you make your own vanilla extract but you can make your own vanilla sugar to punch up recipes. It's a good thing! *grin*

Great on resisting temptation with the cds!

Happy TT,

13 PsiCorps Terms

Julia Smith said...

Loved your randomness, Alphawoman!