Friday, January 07, 2011


Since I am always looking for new fodder to get my juices going and stumbled across this meme called Thursday Thirteen.. I hope it does not matter that it is Friday!

My theme: Thirteen Random Things

1) Two nights in a row I have dreamed about an old friend of mine. An old boyfriend of mine! Sometimes I can decipher the reason I dream about a certain thing or person. But this is just out of the blue. I am wondering i something is going on with him. I have not seen him in years - close to 20 years - and then I see him twice this past summer thanks to the gathering of the Animal House Reunion.

2) I miss Grace in Small Things. It became a habit to look for special things that happen throughout the day and keep track of them. It was very easy to fall out of the habit as well.

3) I like lists! This 13 is even a list of sorts. About five years ago I took this job that was very wrong for me in many ways. On the other hand it gave me tremendous structure to my day and work schedule. I realized that this is how I perform at my best! Give me a list, give me instruction, give me your expectations and I can run with it.

4) Had appetizers and several drinks (okay three of them!) with my gal pal Ms. Smarty Pants. My husband showed up and he and I bantered about our travels together and the funniest highlights of Ireland & Boston. I wonder if Ms. Smarty Pants was bored to tears. I felt my face flush with the fun of remembering the night we landed in Ennis after traveling down an Irish highway that turned into a dirt road that turned into a path that turned into a pasture and we had to turn around! When we arrived at the very outskirts of Ennis Joe parked the car and walked away. At the time I was furious and found the nearest pub! But now, years later, it is a good memory. Time is the biggest fraud of all.

5) I should be working on this Bridal thing we are having next month. This will be my second go round with it. At the moment I am sending out Postcards for "save the date". I am only targeting the good folks in C-ville as I find Nashville is uninterested in wooing business from this area. It randomly crosses my mind at times that I would have made a great Marketing Director since I grade myself as a mediocre Asst. Who is the smart aleck?

6) I really need to get out my Christmas thank you notes. I know that thank you notes are a thing of an era gone by but I still like to let people know how much I appreciate their effort. I have these cool Indian note cards. As in Asia.

7) I dragged out my jewelry making box last night to find that tool that allows me to screw around with links on chains and the such. I found I had a whole cache of stones still in plastic bags and a lot of findings. I could make at least several dozen simple earrings for this business venture I am rolling around in my head like a grain of sand in an oyster. I like that analogy.

8) I am considering upgrading my account at Amazon to something more definite. Right now I share a small amount of my profits with Amazon. If I upgrade I could sell off a lot of stuff that I won't be able to list on ESTY (once I get that site up and going).

9) I'm such a damn procrastinator! I won't be able to start my ESTY business until I get a new lens for my camera. Need close up's baby.

10) Received a copy of Southern Living that I began reading last night and now I have the hunger to go to Gulf Shores to see this concert that will be put o n May 22- 24th. Right on the way we can drop in on this book store that was listed in Birmingham AL. Seems rational to me.

11) I sent a Christmas card to my second cousin in NY who I have corresponded with for several years. He is researching our ancestry on my paternal grandmothers family! Some time ago (2003 or 04) he hooked me up with an English cousin who was living in New Orleans. I wonder what happened to her. I have to check my AOL and see it I still have her e-mail. And I want to scan in all these fabulous photo's I have of Nana - who would have been his great Aunt, as a young child at the beach in Ireland. She was a great beauty in her day. I want him to know that - to see that.

12) It is suppose to snow here in Middle Tennessee this week end. I love snow as long as it is just every once in awhile. Not like when we lived in NE Indiana and it fell on the ground in November and stayed until late March. What an ordeal for a Southern gal. I did pretty good in the snow there. Something about the land being so flat. Here and in KY - rolling hill country? Foothills of the Smokies? It's scary.

13) My diet is proving to be a pain in the butt. I have avoided my usual diet of cookies, candies, fried foods and everything that is bad for you. It seems that exercise is in order. Rats!

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welcome to the T13, and no Friday is not too late :-) have a great weekend!