Wednesday, December 15, 2010

REVERB - December 15th

December 15 – 5 Minutes
Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010.

Gathering at the Lake House in East Tennessee with family and some close friends and one California cousin

Memorial Day in Central Kentucky - had a marvelous week-end with the Grand kids. My step-son cooked for us and we had a spectacular time!

The Fraternity brothers reunion in West Kentucky where I reunited with about 40 of my salad days, pot smoking, beer over the border, skipping classes, 25 cent beer out of the Coke machine, spade playing, Hairy Buffalo partying wild and crazy guys from my college days.

Going to the re-union party for the High School I never went to but lived in the county but my parents forced me to go to Catholic High School in the next city! So I was allowed to go because I knew practically everyone in that age range.

Plus my best friend coming up from Florida for the event. It had been about a little over a year since I had seen her. And seeing my old running buddy, G. Great party. Over too soon.

Hay ride party and seeing my other Florida best buddy who flew up for the event. That was a blast too.

Getting the cat off the roof next door twice. Not the Three Legged Cat but Blackie, who showed up on our door step last January during a hard freeze. We made a little house for him with a blanket and fed him and before you knew it he was in the house! Three Legged Cat did not like it one bit and never acknowledged Blackie. Ignored him the way only a cat can accomplish. Blackie continually would climb on the neighbors roof,usually before dawn, and then cry for help! Joe and I would have to combine forces to get him off without waking the neighbors and getting ourselves shot. Blackie never ventures out now. Once inside, he is in "No Way" ever setting foot out again. He should live to be a ripe old age.

The priest, Father Dan coming into my Mothers ICU room and giving her the blessing of the sick and then laying hands on her. Faith and the power of God can accomplish miracles.

I found that lost purple earring just like I knew I would six months later when I moved from the front reception area to my own little office. I had faith that earring would show itself and it did. Once again, the power of faith.

Working two jobs and thoroughly enjoying any limited or minor time off I have.

The feeling of accomplishment putting together the Senior Fair and the Baby Expo.

Driving back to Louisville during this past summer and the beauty of the city at night with the spot lights on the church steeples. Simply breathtaking. Bardstown Rd. is so vibrant even late into the evening. A grand welcome home.

How ironic it is that I, who can not stand Malls, end up working in one.

The highs of having that Three Legged Cat for the past two years and how much we loved him.

The thrill of paying off the motorcycle and my Sonota.

My cousin E. and her husband Bill coming to visit my Mom and bringing Auntie M for a short week end visit. More than three days and the sisters are at odds.

Visiting Memphis around the 4th of July. I enjoy Memphis, the shopping, the great book store at the library, the fabulous Goodwill in Olive Branch area, and Beale Street. Oh Mama! What fun that was.

Discovering self help CD's while driving! They are the bomb.

And so ends five minutes.

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