Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Poker is not my game

1) I'm loyal and most the time you can count on me to follow through with what I say I'm going to do. Sometimes I back out, but I feel very guilty.

2) I am very good at correspondence. I love to pack your mail box with snail mail. Back when I worked with the beverage company and had quit a bit of time to do these things I was better at it. Send me your address and you are likely to receive post cards and note cards from me. Some hand made!My Christmas cards from several years ago (when I was unemployed) where the bomb!

3) I am a hard worker and I know when I arrive at the Bucket people are glad I finally made it (I'm usually a minute or two late!).

4) I can write a grand letter! As a matter of fact, I am one hell of a good writer. You would not believe the loot I can get by just asking in a letter! Have I mentioned here that my Mom had a letter published in Time magazine in the 1960's taking the economist John Kenneth Galbraith to task over his put down of stay at home Mom's? I got a little of that in me too. ( I really need to write more about my Mom and what a phenomenon she is.)

5) Joe tells me stuff all the time about how I am the voice of reason, how I help him think things through and rationalize things. It's so much easier to do for someone else than yourself!

6) I truly am a good listener. I am interested in you and give you my full attention unless you are some dumb ass giving me a line of crap and then I still listen, but not so sympathetically. I save the bull crap and may write about it (look out and do not blow smoke up my apron). (I have this one crazy conversation I recently had with a 19 year old co-worker that still makes me shake my head).

7) I love old people. I would love to someday concentrate on how beautiful memories are retained and passed down.

8) I once asked my Mom what she thought made each of her kids special. And she told me that she thought I was the most compassionate of all her kids so I guess I'll go with Mom. I would give you the shirt off my back.

I am not a good poker player. You can read every emotion on my face.

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