Friday, December 17, 2010

#10 Reverb - December 17th

December 17 – Lesson Learned What was the best thing you learned about yourself this past year? And how will you apply that lesson going forward? (Author: Tara Weaver)

I am fairly impervious to certain things. And self reflection is quite close to the top of the list. The challenges become very difficult when I turn the spot light towards myself. If I learn something about myself, it probably startles me for a moment and then heads on down the mighty Mississippi of my being emptying out to the Ocean of Forgotten Revelations.

I could turn it around and ask "What surprised you about yourself?" and I would answer that first and foremost working these long hours week after week, going 30+ days without any breaks from one job or the other and I am really not that tired! It does surprise me. Just think, I say to myself, if I were in shape!?! And had a healthy diet! If I quit eating all this candy and waking up in the morning thinking, "why do I fell so yucky?" and then I answer, "what did you eat? that's it! too much sugar and carbs!"

The fact that I committed to doing Grace in Small Things for a year and by-Golly I did it for a year! Sometimes I may have had to play catch up, but I did it. I knew I have a decent amount of sticktoitiveness yet this was surprising. I am also the Queen of Great Excuses.

Another thing that surprises me is how I have taken to listening to these self help tapes. And I am learning behavior modification techniques. I am even applying them! I am finding that the most important trick is be aware of what is going on in your mind (irony, due to today's prompt and my resistance) and processing your feelings giving you the opportunity to THINK before you give in to your impulses.

I am a creature of habits and rituals. I need some new habits. I need some new rituals.

That is what I take into 2011. The desire to continue with this behavioral awareness.

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