Friday, November 05, 2010


Hump Day
October 27th

1) Back to Biscuit Bucket and my fav customer of the day is this little kid about two - maybe two and a half leaving the store and stopping at the Halloween display, then stopping to examine the Christmas display nearest the door. His Mom says something to the effect of, "Time to go" and this little sweetie turns to me, takes off his John Deere cap and tips his hat at me, returns it to his head and heads toward the door. How adorable was that! His mother tells me, "His father just taught him to do that"..."Well, it made my day". I told her. And it did.
2) Joe bought me a coffee mug for transporting coffee from the house to work via the vehicle. It hold about a thimbleful. I usually use my 24 ounce old Coke tumbler and fill it to the brim. But he is so sweet.
3) Joe brings home donuts for breakfast! He leaves the house about 5 - 530am in the mornings and had time to pick up the sweet treats at the local blue collar gas station. They are brought in from Hop-town daily. Very good.
4) I had to have some flat shoes and in a hurry, so I headed into Walmart and found the cutest flats for $9. I have a love hate relationship with Walmart.
5) Finish contacting everyone in the Mall for the "Harvest festival" (what we are now calllng Halloween so as to not offend anyone).

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