Monday, November 22, 2010


Grace in Small Things

1) A six strand faux pearl bracelet was returned to Biscuit Bucket & marked down 70% which I snapped up and was further reduced with my 20% discount. It has a very cheesy looking clasp-type thing on it, but it's super pretty.
2) Upon recommendation from a co-worker at the Bucket, I tried J.R. Watkins Pain Relieving Liniment. It stinks to high heavens (kind of like that paregoric stuff we use to have rubbed on our gums by our well intentioned but clueless WWII generation parents - that stuff was a high octane narcotic! I must admit, a whiff of the liniment made me nostalgic for a simpler time) yet once applied to the skin evaporates quickly and relief is swift!
3)Hobby Lobby being right across the street from the Mall. Upon entering I realized they do not have any sign to direct you to the area you wish to find. Yet I somehow, instinctively, found the aisle on the first try for the baking supplies. I astound myself at times.
4) I am devastated (again!! will it ever change!!!!!) that Maks was voted off DWTS with his partner Brandy. I will not go into the conspiracy theory nor will I gnash my teeth over the Palin united front, it just is the way things are. What concerns me is that Maksie is drop dead gorgeous, has the sexiest eyes ever!, a killer Russian accent, and that man can dance. As one contestant described it, he can move his body like a flag swaying in the breeze. What concerns me is that now I have to wait another season to see him!! Then, I find (amid all the controversy of being booted while Palin's daughter is being backed by her mothers minions and the girl just can't dance) Maksie has created a blog!!
5) Found one of the National Geographic that my Mom gave me that I retrieved from the garbage when Joe decided to house clean - from 1971. An issue that included an article about Norway, Bermuda, and the Moon. Great reading for a dull Sat. afternoon as MOD.

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