Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday is the Best Day of the Week

Grace in Small Things
October 29th

1) Joe comes to office to visit while his car is having the tires changed. We have lunch together!!
2) Big Man at the mall thanks me for stepping in and answering phones and being the gate keeper while Mrs. Long Suffering takes a very long week-end.
3) Have I mentioned the chocolate coffee from the Bucket? It's fab.
4) New coffee pot from Walmart - God I hate/love that place.
5) I had to run home to download some songs from MP3Suite for the upcoming fashion show. Why is MP3 down? I sent them an e-mail asking if they were shut down like Limewire. Heck, ,maybe they are Limewire (too). I could not it to work so I head back to the Mall and get behind this slow procession down the two lane highway (which I think has it's days numbered since the new Solar panel plant is scheduled to open next year and this road will be history) and I am itching to pass pass pass. Somebody pass!! And as people turn off, pass etc and I inch my way forward the Jeep way in front of me (maybe 100 yards) and the reason it is way in front of me is that I had to slow down to let someone turn off, brakes and I think "Oh heck! why oh why" and just then I see that family of deer cross the road in front of him and scamper off into the front yard (remember these front yards are like five acres or more....Joe would die having to mow them) If it had been me tearing down 79 as fast as I dared, I could have hit them! So, thank God for that slow moving Jeep.

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