Friday, November 05, 2010

November 2

Grace in Small things

1) Figured out how to use the Evite program. Very valuable.
2) Did my first display case and it looked great! (the next day the customer changed it all - it looked OK, but not sharp and crisp like mine. Hers looked like the same old same old. People like to feel comfortable. It stung at first, but then I was over it.
3) Found out that one of my favorite store managers (Great American Cookie ) is from the hills of Eastern KY - wouldn't you know it? We can talk about Lexington. It reminds me of the Ft. Wayne joke when Joe met up with one of his buddies from central Ky and they were yakking away, and someone commented, "They're over there talking Hillbonics" was very funny at the time. But when I say, "this place reminds me of Turfland Mall" she knows exactly what I mean. She lived in Lex for a long time before moving here. We bonded.
4) Had a meeting with other S&D reps in the area. It was fun and informative.
5) And the Hilton has great brownies - tastes like they have a hint of cherry in them. I wanted to stuff the whole tray in my purse, but I didn't.

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Monica said...

The evite program is really handy to use.
Sorry to hear the display was rearranged. You would think they would be willing to try something new - sometimes new is what people need.
Have a great week!