Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Only 41 left!!
Grace in Small Things
Monday October 18

1) Had lady campaigning come to my door and guess what? She worked at the Biscuit Bucket in the late 1990's before moving "up North" but is back now and running for city council. We chatted a long time. Wish I could vote for her but I am still registered in Indiana due to home ownership.
2) Had another guy knock on door who wanted to know about my pile of cans! They are in bags beside the house hidden behind a bush - but he saw them anyhow. I almost told him to just to take them all, but decided to keep my mouth shut.
3) While working at Mall I realized I had the next day off (extra day for working MOD) and realized I could do it!
4) Thank God for that five hour shot!
5) Found some interesting garden info in the papers. I get the Sat Sun and Monday paper all at once on Monday. I love it!

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