Monday, November 01, 2010

October 9th

Grace in Small Things

1) Drive around (by instinct) and find the Southern donut place. The best donut place in C-ville. Too bad the best donut place in this area is in R-ville, 25 miles north. But still, a good gooey fritter. Nothing like the cherry fritters way up north in FW. Man - those were little pieces of heaven.

2) Library! I love the library! Get a load of books and head into a study room and make tons of notes. Check out six books about direct selling. Well, sort of about direct selling. Mary Kay bio, etc.

3) Go to the independent book store and find Napoleon Hill's "Think and grow rich" which is one of the books Mary Kay keeps on her bed stand. I purchase the CD.

4) Listen to the first chapter and I must tell you that if I have to "figure" out the secret of this book ....!!!! But, good stuff, glad I got it.

5) Joe and I go see Secretariat and it is a Fun Movie!! Thought in many parts Joe and I would whisper to each other, "WTF?" like Bull Hancock spending (what appeared) all his time in Virginia. He (and his farm) are in Central KY. Several things like that.

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