Friday, November 19, 2010

Count Down to the End


Grace in Small Things
November 14th

1) Cinnamon rolls (again)
2) That decedent hot chocolate from Joe's sister.
3) Do not go insane (again) from the drive back from Nashville. The traffic jams are amazing. I could not do it daily.
4) My sponsor's daughter shows up. I was going to bail out, call her up and tell her I was sick anything to get out of it. I was so frustrated on Friday because I did not know the product! I was like the greeter and people would go through our booth and them "check out" with my sponsor. I was told on Friday that the commissions would go to the person who "helped" them....blah blah blah. I was almost in tears on Friday. Anyway, her daughter was there and I am glad I went b/c she is a charming and interesting girl. I found out her Dad is a Colonel and her political views are conservative. Very. She loves Sarah Palin. I asked her to explain her reasoning on several subjects. "Government should not be involved in business" (fantasy) and "The health care bill is wrong" "why?" I did not want to debate her, I was very curious to hear her define her reasoning. Too many people coming in and out of the booth to have much of a discussion. She was a charming girl anyway.
5) Sponsor did the right thing and split most the sales of the day, minus my share of the booth space and kick in on the "giveaway" I came out ahead about $10.

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