Monday, November 22, 2010


Grace in Small things
Sunday November 21

1) Made cake pops. They were good, but as a first attempt I will tweak the next batch. No chocolate icing in chocolate cake with a chocolate candy dip. Brings new meaning to Death by Chocolate.
2) Got on the elliptical machine for a 20 minute work out.
3) Got on the Chuck Norris type thing we have that works the upper body with your body giving resistance. Yikes!
4) Bought some new Doctor Scholls inserts that are pretty darn good when coupled with Watkins liniment, ibuprofen (lol - I'm a mess)
5) Decided to make the commitment to loose 25 pounds. In other words, Cake Pops are a thing of the past. As is home made granola. And quite possibly pancakes. While tidying up the garage and desperately searching for the lost camera warranty (which I did not even need!lol) I found my weight watcher mini-books and accessories. I'm thinking I will make the commitment and document it here. If I could do GiST's for a year, I can do anything. Maybe.

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Lisa :-] said...

Pretty sure I will be going that way too (Weight Watchers)...rather sooner than later.