Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Sunday October 24

Grace in Small Things

Lost Count of 365

1) While driving to Mom's (three hour trip) begin to listen to Tony Robbins CD and end up becoming sucked in BIG TIME. Even cried at the end of the first CD.
2) Drove into my Hometown and since I am already in an emotional state call Joe (who can not make the b-day party celebration even though he is one of the b-day being celebrated) and tell him that our home town is the Most Beautiful Place on the face of the Earth! The sun was shining that soft October way it has and the trees were all in their Autumn attire. The leaves were blowing/dancing across the county road skipping over the stone fences - just to beautiful to keep to myself.
3) Bought home a Lexington Leader paper. After months and months of the C-ville newspaper the LL is a treat! My God they have a bunch going on in Central KY.
4) Seeing most my bro's and sis's and Mom.
5) Driving around my Home town.

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Anonymous said...

I sometimes do the crying CD thing too...hate that(sort of).