Monday, November 29, 2010



Grace in Small Things
Saturday November 26th

1) Mayor of the Mall's little girl giving me a hug.
2) Mrs. Long Suffering came in to work a couple of hours and brought along a white chocolate milk shake for me & shared her onion rings!

3) Going to H.H. Gregg and applying for credit (I always hold my breath anymore) and getting it. We are going to have a nice big screen TV to watch all those great UK games (go cats!)!
4) I have almost been hit twice in the past couple of days for these Knuckleheads who do not know or ignore the protocol at a four way stop. It infuriates me let alone getting my heart racing! I am so glad that I have my Dad's training rattling around in my head as I drive "Watch out for those crazy Southern Drivers". Oh, that was me! But he did teach me to be very cautious and when I see something that does not feel exactly right, I just let them go and grit my teeth.

5) And I found that it's just as easy to be nice as it is to be crappy about/to someone. And I found out that you can learn a thing or two from someone that you assumed could not teach you anything!

6) extra credit - these little notebooks that I have mentioned time and time again. I carry them in my apron at the Bucket and when I have a moment I ask myself "What made today wonderful?"

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