Friday, November 19, 2010


Tuesday November 9th
Grace in Small Things

1) I bought all this Cindy Crawford beauty stuff and finally got around to using these tiny little capsules of liquid. OMG! Makes your skin feel like soft and beautifully silky. WOW!
2) I was tearing down the two lane highway on my way to the Bucket, late as always, and came up in two deer scampering across the highway in front of me! Worse, two more on the side lines getting ready to make a break for it right behind them! Wonder of wonders! The second batch of deer saw me and waited!!, turned back. They must have made it because no evidence otherwise on the way home.
3) Going to work in the morning the sky was so blue! The jet vapors were everywhere and it looked like a giant tic-tac-toe game ready to be played in the heavens.
4) Got my big Gift Card project completed and in the mail.
5) Booked my bro airfare using the buddy passes.

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