Friday, November 26, 2010

Monday Nov. 22

7 to go


Grace in Small Things

1) Found the Breyer Christmas tree ornaments on E-bay. They are high - but at least I can replace the box I lost. I can't remember if I sold them at that dern yard sale April '09 or if I just lost/misplaced them in the last move. I did not put up a tree last year (boo-hoo) so I did not truly look for them until a week or so ago. I lost Sea Biscuit, Seattle Slew, War Admiral and others. I had about six Race horses and numerous other ornaments. I'm sick about it. But, there they are on E-bay. And then I found Zenyatta on another web-site! She will be my new one - at retail and not the collector price!
2) Salad in a bag. Enough salad for two day of lunch.
3) The nettie pot. If I have mentioned it before, I need to sing it's praise again. That thing makes you think you're drowning, reminisce of being four years old in the diving area way over your head, but it sure works wonders.
4) In-Style magazine. I had the best time looking through it. Who knew?
5) Doing a little meme about the 15 albums that stick with you. Memories memories. A lot better than water up my nose as a four year old!

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